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Freshers Night (E3)- Lecture with Mr. N.N

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Freshers Night (E3)- Lecture with Mr. N.N

Episode 3

Lecture with Mr N.N

The freshers night party is fast approaching, preparations for the party has already began, so is the preparation for Richard to get Esther.

During lectures on Monday morning, their CHEM 101 lecturer who was popularly known as Mr N.N came to the class. The N.N stands for No and Never. The departmental boys hates this man with passion. This is because of the way the man talks each time he comes to class. Instead of focusing on his course, he will begin the lecture with series of advice, outtalking their girls into being in a rel@tionship with them. He lays his emphasis on the dangers of premar!tal sÂŁx.

According to Richard and his friends, the man was making w0manizing difficult for them because you will be needing to add more sugar to your mouth on top of the already existing one to convince any girl after the sermon by Mr N.N.

“Girls are moved by what they hear” Richard will always say. Mr N.N came into the class that day and began his usual sermon.

“Once again I welcome you all to this lovely institution. Life in the higher institution is sweet and also bitter, especially for the ladies in our midst. You have the freedom to do whatever you want, have as many boyfriends you like etc simply because you are no longer under the influence of parental control. But it only takes a wise girl to understand that the hole in between her legs should be reserved for her future husband and husband alone!. You must learn to say NO and NEVER to any boy asking you all for a relat!onship, especially the once sitting beside you now. They don’t love you, they are only after s£x and once they have that, they will flee. I am a man, I know how things happen, that is why I am telling you this as my daughters. Life in higher institution is difficult and it will be more difficult if you decide to add a burden to your already existing burden.

This is when you will start seeing problems like abort!on, HIV/AIDS, Sexua!ly transmitted diseases, Relationsh!p breakdown, heart break, and a whole lot of others added to your already existing school problems.

To buttress what I am saying, imagine being pregnant then you saw your name in the list of carryover students. You now have three types of problems to face. One is the problem and stress of pregnancy, two is the problem and stress of carryover, then the third problem automatically combines the first two problems. You will carry your problem of pregnancy and mix it with your problem of carryover, running around campus with a big belle. I must tell you the truth, some girls don’t survive it. This is where another problem comes to play. Emot!onal breakdown and heartbr£ak sets in if your boyfriend who you did It with denies it completely. Problems starts multiplying, you can choose to commit suicide, drop out of school or face the shame and humiliation of carrying a bastard child to lectures. The choice is yours, What is that our course code again?” the lecturer lands as a loud noise emits the lecture hall.

Sounds like “Nawa oh!” “This man sef!” “rubbish lecturer” “mtcheww” were heard from east and west coming directly from the guys while the girls looked like people that have just received salvation.

This kind of sermon by Mr N.N is what the boys label “Market spoiler” and this kind of sermon coming up few days to the freshers night, humm.. Mr N.N has without doubt proven to be a game killer for the pu$$y loving guys in the department.

Now, Richard will have to double his game, that is if he still wants to get Esther.

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