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Freshers Night (E30)- The Proposal

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Freshers Night (E30)- The Proposal

 Episode 30

The Proposal

“My wife to be” Esther quoted Richard in a car driving back home after the press conference.

“You didn’t seek for my permission before making that declaration, what if I am not interested?” Esther said as she looks at Richard in a seduct!ve way.

“Common, you are the mother of my child and last I checked, ya still in love with me” Richard bragged.

“then you definitely need to update your check, I think it’s outdated” Esther said as they laughed out loud.

They reached a junction and Richard stopped the car. He took Esther into this Empty hotel decorated with flowers and candles. The room was a bit dark. Esther was still trying to figure out what was going on when Richard went on his kneels and brought out a ring.

“I used to be someone I never imagined myself to be till you came into my life, Unlike every other lady I have been with, you alone, singlehandedly change me to a better version of myself. You made me realize that there is more to life than what I taught was pleasure. You made me understand what love truly is. Though I have done some very bad things in the past, which was one of the reason I lost this precious gift, faith has brought us together again, and this time, I am ready to tie the knots, Esther, will you marry me?” Richard proposed.

There was a second of silent as Esther was still processing the whole thing.

“Of cos, Yes!” Esther said Jumping like someone who has bagged a trip to Dubai. She brought out her finger and Richard blessed it with a diamond ring.

Immediately, the Hotel lights went on.

“CONGRATULA..TIONS!” A group of people witnessing the show said as the came out from their different hiding locations. Cameras started rolling immediately and there was a huge party in the hotel.

“BREAKING NEWS: CEO and founder of RICHIE ADVERTISEMENT AGENCY, Richard ties the knot with alleged fiancé of Gabriel of LEAD THE WAVE EMPIRE. Video flooding the whole of social media reveals the sweet moments where Esther said I will to the proposal. We will emphasize more on this after the very short commercial” Lady from news TV channel reported.

“Mama Esther, come and see your daughter ohh” Esther’s father exclaimed on hearing about the proposal on TV.

“Ah!, she said yes. I know she will say yes, Richard is a very handsome boy, Afu nwoke, afu ogologo imi ya. Look at those two ehh, are they not beautiful together” Esther’s mum complemented her daughter.

“What do you mean by she said yes, so you knew about this before?” Esther’s dad questioned.

“Yes nah, he told me he was going to propose” Esther’s mum replied.

“HEY!.. he told you and he didn’t tell me.. wonderful!” Esther’s dad exclaimed.

“he said it nah, he was saying something that looks like it the other day, I didn’t understand him well, which I know that you sef didn’t understand too.. all I did was to call him and ask him well” Esther’s mum defended.

Esther’s dad who was Jealous on how Richard would discuss what he didn’t discuss with him with his wife left the sitting room. He was happy about the proposal, and still jealous at the same time.


“Dad!” Gabriel shouted as he storms his dad’s bedroom.

“What is the meaning of this nonsense!, have you lost your manners?” Mr. Peters blows hot.

“Manners is still small to what I am already loosing, I am going crazy right now!” Gabriel threatened.

“She appeared on national TV few hours ago, and now she is getting married!, you should see what the news is saying about me” Gabriel exclaimed.

“Let them say whatever they like, the main thing is that you didn’t marry that high school prost!tute. calm down son. What we should be concerned about is how it would affect the company” Mr. Peters said trying to calm his son down.

“company!, company!!, company!!!, is that the only thing you care about?. I love Esther Dad and I am getting her back” Gabriel made his point fuming like this day bread.

“you will do no such thing” Mr. Peters ordered, but before he could finish the sentence, Gabriel has already flown out of the house slamming the door on him.

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