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Freshers Night (E31)- Deal with your dad first

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Freshers Night (E31)- Deal with your dad first

 Episode 31

Deal with your dad first

It was a bright Monday morning, Esther is already dressed for work. She is going to take over as the Assistant CEO of Richard’s company. She was so excited that morning. She already called Richard who was coming to pick her up. Right now, Richard was the best thing that has ever happened to her in the past five years. Still happy and all excited, a knock was heard on the gate.

“Oh!, he’s here” Esther said as she picked her bag and headed straight to the gate after a very warm goodbye and good wishes by her parents.

“Oh Richie love, what took you so lon.…What the hell are you doing here?” Esther switched her mood immediately on seeing Gabriel instead of Richard. Gabriel quickly pulled her out of the gate and closed it so her parents won’t notice his presence.

“How could you do this to me Esther? You show up on national TV, then the next thing is that you are getting married to that stupid gu..” Before Gabriel could finish the words, Esther has already plastered a heavy slap on his face.

“How dare you?.. if you don’t leave my house in the next 2 seconds, I will file for harassment. Besides, I don’t know you, do I?” Esther blows hot.

Gabriel with his hands on his cheeks continued.

“I made a mistake Esther, I still love you, I am madly inlove with you Esther, can’t you see that?” Gabriel questioned.

“you called off the marriage…” Esther reminded him.

“That was my father, he made me do it, I am a man now Esther, I am ready to marry you anytime, any day” Richard promised.

“You are too late for that” Esther replied.

“But I love you Esther, there has to be a way for us to be together, I can’t bear losing you” Gabriel continued.

“you denied me on national TV” … Esther reminded him again.

“I am so sorry Esther, I know I did some bad things but I have recognized my mistakes now and I am willing to change” Gabriel said.

“I don’t know why I am having this conversation with you right now. Mr. Man, leave my house” Esther Ordered.

“But Esthe…”

“you heard the lady, she said you should LEAVE!” Richard who just came down from his car cuts in.

“Errand boy, what’s your business here huh, you wanna get yourself beaten up right?” Gabriel threatened.

Richard laughed.. “Save your strength for the press” Richard said as he pointed a video record he was making with his phone to Gabriel.

“You bast@rd!, It’s not over yet, I will deal with you” Gabriel threatened.

“Deal with your dad first, let’s see how your dad would react to this” Richard said as he makes a move that looks like he was posting the video. Gabriel ran out so as not to implicate himself more.

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