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Freshers Night (E32)- The Slam

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Freshers Night (E32)- The Slam

Episode 32

The Slam

“I can’t believe he has the courage to face me, what an idiot” Esther said in the car as they drove off to the office.

“Gabriel is a rough daddy’s boy Esther, I have known him for 3 years now, he doesn’t stop till he gets what he wants” Richard replied.

“The Idiot has given us the first gateway to giving them what they truly deserve, you still have that video right?” Esther asked.

“Yes, why are you asking about the video, hope it’s not what I am thinking” Gabriel looked at Esther in a suspicious way.

“if we don’t do anything now, who knows what that guy would do next, I am afraid he would try to attack you. We have to post that vdeo, so the world would know how he threatened to deal with you” Esther suggested.

“Common Esther, It’s not as if I am running off to social media for protection” Richard replied.

“We would make it look like a slam, tag his father and post it with the caption ‘see who I caught today surfing round my fiance’s house. The Idiot thinks this is the US where he’d display his gangster lifestyle, someone should tell him the pains of cane dipped in youruba pepper, lol’ ..” Esther suggested.

“Omor!, this is Savage!, you want to end the boy’s carreer or what” Richard said as they laughed out loud.

Richard poped out his phone and made the post immediately. In just few minutes, the post reached over ten thousand likes and lots of retweet and shares. It was all over blogs and the media carried the trend to other social media handles. Not so long after, TV channels started putting up their stories.


“I taught I gave birth to a son, someone credible enough to take over the family’s business not knowng I gave birth to a coward who will only end up destroying what I spent my entire life building” Mr. Joseph Peters blows hot as his son entered the house.

“Dad!” Gabriel calls out.

“Have you seen the news?” His dad asked as he took the cable remote and switched to different news channels.

“Not one, not two, not three but all news channels in Nigeria is displaying a video of you being slaped by a lady, not just an ordinary lady Gabriel, but a lady you went life on National TV to deny. You even have the guts to threaten that fool we planned to eliminate slowly. Now tell me, how would we be able to perfect our plans if the whole world is pointing fingers at us” Gabriel’s dad asked on top of his voice.

“You’ve made the Company a laughing stock, Just take a look at what the media is saying” Gabriel’s Dad continued as he switched to a popular tv channel.”

The channel was showing the video, repeatedly playing the scene where Esther slapped Gabriel, then the news presenter started.

“It is no longer news that these two competing companies are on loggerheads, First Gabriel went Live on National TV to say that he has in no way, whatsoever met Esther before not to talk of even proposing to her. He went further to declare that news about their Alleged marriage was false. This declaration attracted lots of Journalist as he was seen live on the scene when Esther tried to commit suicide. He however, added that he was around the scene during the suicide, that as a good citizen, he came to join the save hunt.. following the denial, a popular video flooding social media revealed scenes where the said Esther gave Gabriel a LIFE-TAKING SLAP!” looking at the video well, it looked like Gabriel was actually begging Esther when the bomb landed on his chicks. The video was recorded and posted by Richard who has made it known to the public that Gabriel occasionally flaunts himself around Esther’s apartment.

What on earth will a billionaire’s son be doing with an Engaged lady?, reactions online says he wants to ask her out seeing how rich she is, another said that LEAD THE WAVE EMPIRE has gone broke, they are just looking for a way to survive or possibly chase after clot. Could this be true?…. We will get back to you in no time with verified facts. Here is the full video about to set the whole of social media on fire.” Lady from the TV channel reported.

Mr. Peters was still trying to talk sense to his son when noises were heard outside. He looked through the window only to see tons of Media personalities waiting for him outside. .. They were flooding his doorsteps and calling out to him.

“Now you see what y’ve done, you better go and handle the media outside before I come out there to say what you or anybody won’t like”

Mr. Peters said as he left to his room.

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