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Freshers Night (E33)- that boy must die

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Freshers Night (E33)- that boy must die

Episode 33

That boy must die

Gabriel was in deep thoughts, moving to and fro the exit door with his hands firmly supporting his jaws.

“What do i do now?” he said to himself”

minutes later, Mr. Peters came by the door to meet his son who he asked to address the press panicing, he walked up straight to the door and opened it.

“Dad, please don’t say anything bad about her” Gabriel pleaded but Mr. Peters ignored.

flash lights from camera blinded Mr. Peters for some seconds, the press were poping out their questions so fast that Mr. Peters stood mute for a while

“please, lets take it one after the other, if you continue to pop these random questions up, i would have no other choice than to call security” He warned

“following the video shaking the whole of social media, what do you have to say about your sons attitude this morning” one of the reporters dropped the question.

“to be honest, my Son was a complete fool for even going after that girl in the first place, but he has been well disciplined” Mr. Peters replied.

“a complete fool, what do you imply sir, does this mean that Esther dosen’t deserve your son” Another reporter questioned.

“yes, You know, when all these low lives are given attention, they try to take advantage of the situation for clot” Mr. Peters replied.

“What do you mean by low lives Sir”

“did Esther and Richard know each other before?.. did he lie about not knowing her on national TV?”

“is it true that you knew about the alleged marriage that was supposed to happen between your Son and Esther?”

“ENOUGH!, and that is a wrap for today, you can go now… SECURITY!” Mr. Peters said as he cals out to the head of his security unit.

“One last question sir, What relationship does your son Share with Esther” another curious reporter asked.

“My son shares no relationship with a teenage prostitute” Mr Peters said as he tried to walk back to his house.

“hope you can defend what y’ve just said” A little voice was heard from the crowd. it got the attention of Mr. Peters as he turned to speak.

“What will you call a girl who lost her virginity at thirteen, then drooped out from the university at 18 after getting herself pregnant from her many s*x partners”. Mr. Peters dropped the bombshell.

“How did you know all these when you told us you dont know her on national TV” Another reporter asked.

“I have my sources” Mr. Peters said as he left the scene to his house.


Gabriel could not believe what his dad has done, he was dead mad at the aged man, he lashed out on seeing his dad enter the house.

“What was that dad?, you just spoilt the image of that innocent girl” Gabriel confronts his dad.

“you can talk now, What happened few minutes ago when i asked you to address the press, you were runing up and down like a pregnant cockroach, stop this and man up, I didn’t raise you to be a coward” Gabriel’s father blows hot.

“How could you even say that to the press when you know too well that she was raped” Gabriel continued.

“How could she slap you, make a video of it and publish it online when she knew quite well that you only came to beg for her forgiveness?” Mr. Peters questioned.

“Richard made the video not her, Richard also published the video not her” Gabriel defended.

“With whose consent?” Mr. Peters questioned.

Gabriel was quite for sometime. He was thinking, he truly loves Esther. Everything that has happened or influenced his decisions was his father, the fact that he can’t get to make his own decisions concerning who he loves and want to be with when it comes to Esther troubled him. Yes, he loves Esther, but right now, the only thing he needs to do to make Esther happy is to let her be.

“No, I don’t think i can do that. If Richard is the reason Esther doesn’t like me, then Richard has to go out of the picture. That boy must DIE!” he said to himself.

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