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Freshers Night (E34)- Exposed

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Freshers Night (E34)- Exposed

 Episode 34


A beautiful morning for a beautiful day, the rising sun cast a rosy hue across the morning sky. The dawn chorus of melodic birdsongs drifts in, Golden fingers of sunlight lit up the room, exposing these two lovebirds who were so interested in themselves that they didn’t even notice the war on social media.

“Awnnn, breakfast in bed, ya so romantic” Esther said as she woke up to a lovely kiss on the forehead, looked around only to see slices of toasted bread and fried egg, with a cup of coffee sitting beside her. Richard sang her a beautiful love song as he watched her empty the plates.

“I can’t believe you finished that” Richard said with a surprise smile.

“I can’t believe you made this much just for me.. well, it’s delicious” Esther complimented.

They were having a lovely moment till Richard got a phone call.

“Good morning sir” John his social media manager greeted over the phone.

“Morning John, What do I owe this early morning phone call?” Richard asked.

“have you gone online this morning sir, Social media is breaking into two because….”

Richard cuts in “let me guess, someone said something bad about me”


“and people are dragging me about it”

“emm.. yes”

“Things like that happen all the time John, just handle the situation, that’s why I employed you as a social media manager. You don’t have to literally call me each time minor things like this happen” Richard replied.

“That’s the problem sir, it’s not just somebody, but Mr. Peters from Lead the wave” John revealed.

“What happened to Mr. Peters?”

“Oh my God! This can’t be happening sir, it’s now on BBC news, switch on your Tv sir” John Instructed.

Richard quickly switched on his TV only to meet his biggest shock. It was a game spoiler, a mood destroyer and a major big blow on Esther’s face.

“What will you call a girl who lost her virginity at thirteen, then dropped out from the university at 18 after getting herself pregnant from her many s*x partners”. Was on repeat. Esther was furious, She was still watching the news presenter when she heard the worst.

“My son shares no relationship with a teenage prostitute – Founder and CEO of LEAD THE WAVE EMPIRE blows hot over alleged traces of an ongoing relationship between Gabriel Peters and Social media sensation, Esther” Esther was so mad. Richard noticed her anger and turned off the TV.

“Don’t mind what you just heard, you and I know you are not a prost!tude, so that man is just bluffing” Richard tried to calm her down.

“This Peters of a man is beginning to get to my nerves, I am going to show him today that he is not the only one that knows how to say bad things about people on National TV” Esther blows hot.

“It doesn’t have to get to that, please control your anger Esther” Richard pleaded.

“Hello, Am I speaking to the chief editor of CNN news” Esther said after dialing a particular number she saved on her phone”

“This is positive ma, please who am I on to” The lady from the phone replied.

“This is Esther, Assistant CEO of Richie Advertisement Agency, I have a little broadcasting to do” Esther replied.

“It is in our best interest to hear your story ma, Will it be ok with you if I book a private one on one interview with you” The chief editor inquired.

“no, I need a life conference. I need whatever I am going to say to go life in different news station that same minute. Please if your news channel cannot do that, do well to inform me now” Esther replied

“Live conferencing is like our hubby ma, I will quickly get the reporters ready, just email us the necessary location and time and we will be there”

“no need for emails, Your headquarters, I will be there in the next 30 minutes” Esther replied as she disconnected the call.

“What was that Esther? You can’t possibly go on air because of the rubbish this man just said” Richard informed.

“I can and I will Richard, please don’t try to stop me” Esther replied

“But Esther!…”

“He called me a teenage prostitute in front of the whole wide world! … this man just revealed a part of me I worked so hard to protect, a secret I had to sacrifice my justice for, I was r@ped at Thirteen Richie!, by not just one, two but Three dirty boys which includes my own very best friend. I sealed that up, had to lie about the r@pe so the news doesn’t get out, to protect the injustice that was done to me, I sacrificed my Justice, now one stupid Mr. Peters thinks he can just come out and reveal that, planning to get away with it after everything he himself has been doing” Esther replied.

”Yes, I know Mr. Peters is a bad man, but we don’t have solid evidence against him, what ever you are going to say or do now without good evidence will only make things worse” Richard Explained.

“Who said I don’t have solid evidence?” Esther replied.

“This is a video clip that shows Mr. Peters making out with another woman in a hotel room, lets see how the world would react to this” Esther said as she plays a video on her phone.

“God!, Esther how did you get this?”

“not Just that, this man here is very guilty of embezzlement, he loots his shareholders money, changes the figures and present them with a fake number, just so he would give them little shares” Esther replied.

“Oh my God!, Esther, how did you get your hands on these documents?” Richard asked

“You will hear my story during the press conference sweetheart, just sit and watch the drama that will unfold in few minutes” Esther replied with a smile on her face.

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