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Freshers Night (E35)- The Confession

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Freshers Night (E35)- The Confession

Episode 35

The confession

“Good Morning good people of Lagos, my name is Esther. like you all know, I am a fiancée to the owner and CEO of Richie Advertisement Agency. And I also happen to be the unlucky girl that has been condemned here and there especially, following what Mr. Peters said about me on National TV. Well, People of Lagos, Nigeria and anybody watching this right now, i want to drop a piece of advise before I continue my speech and that is –try to hear from both parties before you judge, it’s good to know the full story before you open your mouth to condemn -”

Esther dropped a short intro at the press conference. she continued

“My childhood was filled with love, trust, care and a pure heart till I got betrayed. I was r@ped by my own best friend along side two of his dirty friends when I was thirteen. It was a very shameful experience for me, i loved my best friend so much that I was blind to the fact that he could even plan to me not to talk of bringing two other guys to the show. I was shattered, as a growing teenager who doesn’t want to get her name stained, I concealed the truth about my rape from my father. My mum was too inquisitive to get the truth out from me when she noticed my sad mood that evening, but I pleaded with her to tell my dad that I was r@ped by an unknown hoodlum. This is so my dad won’t bother going to search for the perpetrators of the crime in order to get them to justice. Yes, my dad would have heavily dealt with my best friend and his friends, but I concealed it, i sacrificed my justice just to protect this shameful experience i passed through. I have been bittered ever since with this strong hatred for men. I hated that gender with everything I have. Not until I met a guy in the higher institution. He kept disturbing and pestering me here and there, i was avoiding him but my friends would urge me to give it a try. I decided to give this relationship stuff a try just to get my friends off my neck. I said yes to him and we started dating but something happened on our freshers night.. And that has been the reason for all these drama right now. I don’t know if this is how destiny wanted the story to be but I am kind of enjoying it though.

I was drunk, i didn’t know what i was doing .. Like the party was still on. Richard booked a room for me, he took me inside, and he r@ped me. I won’t actually call it r@pe because I was the one that forced him to do it in my drunk state. I won’t blame the young guy, he is human and he only responded positively to my seduct!ons. But one thing is sure, I was drunk and having s£x with a drunk person is rape, because the person is unconscious of what he or she is doing at that time. I was mad at him when I woke up..

To cut long story short, I brought my pregnancy to my parents and told my boyfriend i aborted the baby. My parents wanted to marry me off, well, that was how I met Gabriel, son of Mr. Peters. I never wanted a relationship with him but my parents won’t stop disturbing me. I gave him a try, told him about my past life and my pregnancy. He was mad for days before he decided to take up the whole responsibility and marry me the way I am. I never expected any man to do something like that and i loved him for it. He engaged me and flew off to Canada. I waited for Gabriel faithfully for 5 good years. After the fifth year, he came back and started planning our weeding. Two weeks before the wedding, I visited Gabriel in his friends place just so he would help me choose a good weeding dress just to get a hot breakfast. He broke up with me and canceled the marriage for no reason. I was shattered, you won’t imagine what I felt that moment. I was looking for a way to escape the pains, the heartbreak.. Then i saw the Lagoon. That was when I decided to commit suicide. But all thanks to God that Richard was close by. He saved me and i owe him a big thanks. Richard was my high school boyfriend that got me pregnant .. He is the father of my baby girl Ella.

I watched Gabriel go on National TV to deny me.. Wow, so much for just one innocent girl. Like that was not enough, he came threatening Richard when he found out that I was alive.. Like that was not still enough, his Dad Mr. Peters called me a teenage post!tute on Tv. All this for me .. Mr Peters, Gabriel.. What did i ever do to you to deserve such hatred and wickedness.”

Esther broke into tears .. As she continued ..

“Coming from the person calling me a post!rude is guilty of adultery and money lottery, this video here shows Mr Peters of Lead the Wave Empire having s£x with his secret l0vers. This other document in my hand proves that Mr Peters is guilty of stealing shareholders profit and presenting them very little money by simply changing the records after he must have made his deductions. If the shareholders thinks I am lying, they should request a bank statement of the company’s account directly from the bank and see for themselves.. Last I checked, they have the right to do that as it was clearly stated in the terms and agreement documents. Oh! .. I forgot, Mr. Peters has silently removed all his shareholders and denied them access to the bank. It’s always one excuse or the other and he literally gets this statements to his shareholders after he must have edited and changed the records. It’s sad to announce that shareholders can’t even access the account details of the company from the bank directly. All these evil coming from a man that has been pretending to be a saint all these while. I wasn’t comfortable with Mr. Peters for a day when I was in a relationship with Gabriel.. I wanted to know the kind of father inlaw I was going to have, so I simply spied on him. That is all I have to say good people of Lagos, remain blessed”

Esther said as she dropped the mic and walked out of the stage.

“Oh! God .. Dad, what have you done!” Gabriel exclaimed in his office after watching Esther’s confession on Tv.

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