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Freshers Night (E36)- The threat

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Freshers Night (E36)- The threat

Episode 36

The Threat

Right after Esther left the scene to submit the documents (Proof of what she said against Mr. Peters) she had with her to the Chief Editor of news publication, she got a call from an unknown number. 

“You know one thing I like about you Esther is your confidence, but sadly people of your kind die like fowls” An unknown voice said to her.

“Mr. Peters!, you know I can hand this over to the press too, what gives you such effrontery to dial my digits” Esther replied.

“Look left Esther, I hope you are seeing that man on green shirt, yes he just waved. You will walk straight him and you will hand those documents over to him, am I understood?” The unknown voice commanded.

“Playing dirty again without brains, what made you think I will do that? What am I, 5?” Esther replied the voice.

“Look at your chest Esther, what do you see?” The voice asked. 

Esther took a look at herself just to notice a red dot pointing at her chest

“You are a beast Mr. Peters, I have known you to be an intelligent man despite all your atrocities, but right now, you disappoint me.  You won’t dare to shoot in so much crowd would you?” Esther questioned.

“You talk with much confidence yet you have no brains, if you don’t want an accident to happen here and now, you would do as I have said” The voice replied.

“If you kill me now, the whole world would be at your neck because they will definitely find out” Esther replied.

“Words and social media trends without evidence is nonsense,  do as I have said now and save your self this drama, either ways, I will still get that file, by force or willingly.” The voice replied.

“I think I would like to play rough” Esther reminded him. 

“let me tell you how this is going to happen, once you get shot, there would be a sudden chaos in the building, then your little friend on green over there would go and detach the file from your dead body, so you see Esther, I am not bargaining with you, you have just 3 seconds to act peacefully or I call the shots” The voice said. 

“take a look at your white shirt Mr. Peters, how many dots do you see?” Esther returned the question

“countless right?..  Confidence without brains you say, at least I have sense.  Your format is old and outdated sir, now catching you and sending you to prison won’t be hard, let me tell you what to do” Esther said as she clears her throat.

“ Quietly tell your men to lower their weapons, stand there and wait for me, I will go and drop these documents for immediate publication, then join you with the police and of coz your shareholders who you have duped. Today, I will make sure you pay for  the consequences of what you have done” Esther said with much authority. 

“I remember you saying you’ld like to play rough, so be it” the voice said and disconnected the call. A gun shot was heard ..  there was great chaos, people were running to an fro, a voice of argony screaming for help was heard. “Esther! … Esther ! … Somebody, please help!” The voice screamed. 

A dark figure came and snatched the documents from Esther’s hands, pretending to look for help, he left with the papers. 

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