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Freshers Night (E37)- Game over

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Freshers Night (E37)- Game over

Episode 37

Game over

“Breaking news: Social media sensation Esther in coma after being shot at the press conference. News in full .. ” lady from the TV station reported.

“Dad please tell me you didn’t do this” Gabriel lashed out on his dad.

“Dad i am talking to you, did you order the shooting of Esther or not?” Gabriel continued.

“Mr. Peters.. ” A voice called out from the TV channel, it was Esther. The news presenter herself looked shocked when Esther walked into the broadcasting room.

“Sorry for the interruption Mrs Jane, my coming here today was a secret so as to avoid future attack by Mr. Peters. The manager has given me permission to interrupt the broadcast, apologies dear.” Esther said on live TV broadcast.

“I was not shot at the press conference and I am not in coma. All that was a planned arrangement to expose the sins of Mr. Peters. Before i proceed, here are the documents and voice recordings from the call I had with Mr. Peters before the shooting at the press conference.” Esther said as she played the recordings on live TV.

“How many lifes does she have?” Mr. Peters said with his mouth wide open in great shock.

“I am finished!” He Exclaimed after listening to the voice notes.
Esther continues

“Mr. Peters called to threaten me after the press conference to make sure the documents didn’t reach the hands of the editor not knowing that i have already sent the documents before the conference, what I had with me then were the photocopies. I knew Mr. Peters would come up with an evil plan to stop me, that was where my 99% intelligence came to play. I simply made him powerless by having my men track him, took pictures of when he was buying an assassin over to kill me. I also paid the assassin some money so he would intentionally miss while i will have to pretend getting shot. .. It was fun playing the game with you though.. Outsmarting you in something you do best .. Now the world would know how evil this man is. He never liked me because I was pregnant when his son wanted to get married to me .. He said that I will destroy the image of his family… He rubbed my past to my face just because his son even after all he had made him do, wanted to make up for what he did.” Ester was cut..

“All these atrocities by one man! ” Reporter Jane asked with shock. She continued

“Now you have exposed him, I believe he is somewhere watching this now, he would be on the run” the TV presenter dropped her opinion.

“It’s too late for that because as I am speaking to you now, the police have surrounded his appartment. My source told me he is inside the house with his son.. It’s Game Over for Mr. Peters” Esther said .. She made a few concluding lines and left the broadcasting room.

Mr. Peters was arrested for his crimes as Gabriel emerged CEO of Lead the wave Empire. He later optioned for a merger with Richie advertising Agency. Richard and Gabriel became close friends as they run the company together.

Few months later, Richard and Esther got married. It was on their wedding night that Esther pretended as if she had consumed a lot of Alcohol, the ceremony was over and the couples drove home to have a romantic moment.

“Touch me Richard, make me feel like a woman!” Esther said with a sedut!ve voice.

“No Esther, you are drunk, just get some sleep, we have eternity to enjoy ourselves” Richard replied as he tried to leave the room to the sitting room ..

“Are you being serious right now!, what manner of man won’t sleep with his wife on their wedding night?” Esther blows hot cutting the pretence.

“A man that doesn’t want to make the same mistake twice” .. Richard answered ..

“Common, I am not drunk, it’s not like I am going to accuse you of r@pe tomorrow morning lol” Esther teased ..
“Who knows!” Richard replied as he takes off his shirts and singlet, exposing his plumpy firm chest and a buch of well built parks.

“You definitely know how to make a woman wĂ©t, don’t you?” Esther said.

“I am just getting started” Richard replied as he takes off his trousers, leaving just his tight p@nt revealing the shape of his yam sized d!ck.

Esther made a sexy pose on the bed as Richard rushed her with a rough deep romant!c ki$$…

The end ..

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