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Freshers Night (E4)- Girls talk

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Freshers Night (E4)- Girls talk

Episode 4

Girls Talk

“Ah ah! You for do small shakara before saying yes to him, nah so the thing de hungry you reach?” Jennifer slams Jane who just accepted a relationship offer with the department’s most se×y guy.

“blood of God! After everything Mr. N.N said, you still went ahead to become girlfriend to a popular woman rapper. My sister, you need Jesus” one of the churchy girls in the department fires Jane after eavesdropping on their conversation.

“didn’t your pastor teach you that eavesdropping and amibo is a sin Mrs. Evangelist” Esther slams the church girl.

“Don’t mind them, slow poison, wolf in sheep clothing, they act as if say nah them holy pass, hypocrites” Jane defended.

“you all needs Jesus, I reserve my comments” Dorathy the churchy girl said.

“you need him too, reserve your comments, you will make use of it in hell” Jenifer fires Dorathy who was speedily leaving the scene. The girls burst laughter, they laughed at Dorathy as they came back to discuss Jane’s newly found love.

“Kennedy is a cute guy shaa, and also the most $exy guy in the department, I won’t think twice about saying No and Never if it happened to be some other guy, but with the same Kennedy I have been crushing on for some months now! Common, Mr. NN can go to hell” Jane defended.

“hum” Esther sighed “So what made you crush on this Kennedy, what are the qualities that actually attracted you to him” Esther questioned.

“Emm, a lot of things sha, starting from the fact that he is rich and cute” Jane answered.

“rich!, I see…” Jessica teased

“its not as if I am a gold digger, I have feelings for Kennedy”

“how do you plan to deal with his woman!zing nature, sorry to say this, but Kennedy is a popular lady lover in the department, his only intention is to make out with his victims and dump them after his satisfaction” Esther fired a JAMB question to Jane.

“I know what he is, but he has promised to change. I believe change is constant right?” Jane explained.

“yes, change is constant, but what happens when you hear he spent the night with some random girl at the freshers Night?” Esther who has prepared a board of interview questions is set to use it up on Jane but Jessica decided to intervene.

“its ok Esther, you are being too hard on her, it’s not like we are against Jane and her newly found love, we are just looking out for her, heartbreak is something we wont want any of our friends to pass through so Jane, I would advice you give this a second taught before jumping into a relationship. If he is ok with you, we will respect that and will also support you” Jessica said.

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