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Freshers Night (E5)- Guys Talk

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Freshers Night (E5)- Guys Talk

 Episode 5

 Guy’s talk

“Men!, I cant believe that girl said yes to you after you have made a label of woman rapper lol.” Richard slams Kennedy after he told them how he finally got Jane into a relationship with him.

“You mean, she was not like ‘let me think about it’ and all that, you just asked her once and she said yes the next minute” Emmanuel asked

“Yes guy, she just said yes, to be honest, I was surprised myself” Kennedy replied.

“God!! Can you believe I’ve been asking this same girl out for the past one week, all she does is to snub me.. I don’t know how you do it Kenny, but one thing I am sure of, in my next life I am going to be way more handsome than you are” Emmanuel said as they laughed out loud.

“Thank God you know you are ugly, you didn’t believe me initially, now here you are confessing it yourself” Richard fires Emmanuel.

“See who’s calling someone ugly, with that your fine face, you still can’t get Esther yet. you claim baddest (laughs) calm down and learn from the top bro” Emmanuel replied.

“Y’all know that Esther is a difficult girl, she is from a rich family too, so my money doesn’t shake her a bit, right now, its my attitude and packaging that’s playing the game, but sit still and watch, I’m going to surprise y’all” Richard replied.

“Hum…you better not be late with your surprises” Emmanuel said.

“But wait, this thing with you and Esther, do you even love that girl” Kennedy asked.

“I should be the one asking you that Mr Kenny” Richard slams Kennedy.

“To be honest, I do feel something for Jane. She’s special, not like other girls i have dated in the past. She’s well reserved, understanding and beautiful. I even promised her i won’t be my old self again” Kennedy replied.

“Well, that’s a love story you have there, i am attracted to Esther but the girl is not giving me chance to make things work, she keeps using claims of her imaginary boyfriend to scare me away. I hate it when girls stress me, the outcome after I finally win there heart is always the same” Richard reveals.  

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“That’s true shaa.. If a girl makes it too difficult for a guy in the friendship process, after the girl says yes, the guy ends up going after what they came for and dumping them after the goal is achieved. Yes a girl should act difficult but not too difficult because she will end up turning the little love the guy has off and streamlining him to having just one goal” Emmanuel said.

“I kind of agree with that though, my own is that we should stop playing with these girls feeling.. Its not right” Kennedy said.

“Hia!! Is Kennedy the one saying this or his shadow? .. A woman!zer telling us to stop playing with women!” Emmanuel exclaims.

“Looks like the boy drank this night” Richard said as they laughed out loud.

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