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Freshers Night (E6)- a day to the freshers night

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Freshers Night (E6)- a day to the freshers night

 Episode 6

A Day to the freshers night

Its Thursday morning, a day to the freshers night. Esther who has just entered the school gate was on her way to their lecture hall when Richard caught up with her.

“What a fine hair y’ve made” Richard who noticed Esther’s new hair complemented her.

“Thanks Richard” Esther replied.

“I can see you are all set for tomorrow” Richard dives in.

“Are we celebrating anything tomorrow? What’s so special about tomorrow?” Esther questioned.

“Freshers night? .. ” Richard replied.

“Oh ! .. About that, I won’t be coming. I’d rather spend it at my boyfriend’s place” Esther replied.

“Or maybe, you can bring him to the party… ” Richard said.

“He is not a party type” Esther defended.

“Then he must be a really boring person” Richard declared.

“At least he doesn’t jump from one girl to the other. He is responsible and doesn’t joke with peoples feelings” Esther said..

“OK, .. Let’s cut this whole boyfriend sh!t Esther. You and I know that you don’t have a boyfriend, stop pretending and give the man who is ready to love you the chance to do it” Richard alleged.

“And who exactly is this man you speak of” Esther asked.

“The same man that has been thinking about you for some weeks now, dreaming to be part of your life only to get thrown away and rejection as an answer”.

“Humm!” Esther exclaims

“This same man can’t sleep at night without thinking about you. Its a good thing to love, but its painful when your love isn’t being reciprocated. For that moment, you wish you are under a spell. Craving and wanting someone you know would never love, accept or even want you back. Moving on they say is the next step, but moving on is even harder when you see your one-sided love everyday”

“Wow.. Nice story, just in case you haven’t noticed, there is a lecturer in the class, we have to run so as to get there faster, I am off, you can still walk like you own the school” Esther said as she zoomed off.

Richard was very angry, after everything he said, Esther still treated him like trash.

After lectures, Richard tried to talk to Esther, but the girl was gone even before he could say hi. Richard told his friends what Esther did to him in the morning and they ended up laughing and mocking him.

“You mean, after all that long speech, the only thing she said is ‘nice story’ lol ..(laughs out loud) this is unbelievable” Emmanuel said laughing the hell out of Richard.

“That girl is mean” Kennedy pointed out.

“Mtchew.. I am beginning to hate her” Richard reveals.

“Calm down guy. Girls like her are only like that when they become too over protective of themselves. They don’t allow themselves to feel anything till they are familiar with you and trust your good intentions

. Girls like her are the type that can commit suicide simply because their boyfriend left them. When they love, they love with everything they have, that is why they are hard to get because they know their weakness and won’t want anybody breaking their heart.” Kennedy preached.

“From woman!zer to relationship counsellor, Jane is really making serious improvements on you” Emmanuel said.

“Lol … I kind of like who I am slowly becoming, it only takes a good woman to make you see reasons to change some bad things about you. If you love Esther Richard, prove it to her, fight for her and stop trying to get her like you do to other ladies. Trust me, if you mess with Esther, her type can poison you and still get away with it” Kennedy preached.

“Bla.. Bla. ..bla… I am off pls, ” Richard said and walked away.

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