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Freshers Night (E7)- The Freshers Night

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Freshers Night (E7)- The Freshers Night

Episode 7

The freshers Night

“I can’t wait to put on my brand new 100 dollar red gown by uncle bought from the united states to the freshers night this evening. Just imagine how beautiful I will look on it, and how handsome Kennedy will look sitting next to me. Take a look at him, he is too handsome now in just lecture wears, what happens when he dresses in his party outfit ..I wi..ll just di..e” Jane sings in love as she points to where Kennedy her boyfriend is.

“Wahala for who no get boyfriend” Jessica exclaims

Kennedy who had his eyes fixed on Jane since after the lecturer left the class noticed that Jane is about to make him a topic of discussion because he saw her pointing and looking romantically at him, and even winking him.

“This girl has been acting strange since today” he said to himself as he took off to Jane’s seat.

“Here he come..s” Jane sings
“Hello ladies” Kennedy greeted
“Hi Ken” the girls responded.
“Do you mind if I steal Jane for sometime, it won’t be long” he pleaded.
“Go on lovebirds, go and do your thing” Esther said as Jane rose from the seat like someone who just gained freedom and zoomed off dragging Kennedy along.

A conversation came up between Jessica and Esther. They were discussing about Richard.

“Do you think Richard truly loves me” Esther asked
“He keeps coming even after everything you did to push him aside, the last time I googled those signs, it reads good intensions” Jessica said

“I would have fallen for that, not when I overheard him telling his friends that he must get me at the freshers night” Esther said.
“But that might be a wrong impression, maybe you understood it the wrong way” Jessica said.

“No, I dont want anybody playing with my feeling just to win a gamble with his friends” Esther replied.
“If he keeps coming back, that means he truely loves you, why not give him a chance, even if its a tiny bit” Jessica replied.

“Thats the problem Jess, I can’t love a tiny bit, once I love, I have loved. Its just the way i am and definitely my weakness. I dont want to do anything I will regret” Esther assured

Just then, Richard walks up to them, he sat down on the seat Jane rose from few minutes ago, Jessica noticed him and optioned to leave just to give him and Esther some privacy, but Esther stood up, ready to leave with Jessica.

“Can you pls spare me 5 mins of your time” Richard said, Esther looked at Jessica and she gave her a sign to stay.
“You have just two minutes, make it useful” she replied Richard.

“I don’t know why you have chosen to be this hard on me, even after I confessed how i felt the other day, I just want to ask you why you hate me so much” Richard asked.

“I don’t hate you Richard, I just don’t see you as someone I am supposed to be talking to” Esther slaimed.
“What is this unqualifying feature that I have that makes me not to be up to the people you talk to” he replied.

“What do you want Richard” Esther asked

“I want you to be my date, I love you, and maybe if you permit, we can make things work” He said.
“You have it Richard, I accept your proposal, but one little tiny fu¢k up from you, I am done” Esther replied.

“Just like that? ” Richard asked.
“Is that not what you want? “Esther questioned
“I am giving you a chance, but you will have to prove yourself to earn my love” Esther continued

“Y’ve just made me the happiest man on earth.” Richard said as the next lecturer walks into the classroom for lecturers. Lights fade.

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