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Freshers Night (E8)- The Freshers Night 2

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Freshers Night (E8)- The Freshers Night 2

Episode 8

The freshers Night 2

“You look Beautiful tonight” Richard complements Esther who was looking stunning in her pink party gown.

“A lady needs to look her best at all times” Esther replied standing at the doorsteps of her lodge as she reciprocates the complement in a romantic way.

“Your level of handsomeness excites me”

Richard made a seduct!ve smile to welcome the complement as he stretched forth his hands in a way that shows directions. Then his manly soft voice was heard “Shall we”

“we shall” Esther replied as the two lovelies headed straight to the party.

At the party, Richard booked a VIP table for himself and his woman. Esther who was now feeling like she has made it in life with the right man saw Jane and Kennedy walk into the party in a grand style. With a welcoming speech by the MC, Jane was ready to show the world what she is made of.

“Ladies and Gentlemen, we have a very special personality in our midst, A member of the department who would be coming up the stage today to brief us on the importance of healthy relationship and how to succeed in it. He is nobody else than our very own, GIVE IT UP for the Most Handsome guy in the department and his Elegant Queen as they grace the stage”

Kennedy and Jane walks up to the stage as they rock Stunning outfits that left the mouths of the audience open in shock. A uniform echo of “wow!” was heard in all corners of the building.

Jane stole the eyes of the boys in her solid dollar worth red gown which brought out all the curviness God has blessed her with as she catwalks in a style that will leave the rest of the boys craving.

Kennedy on the other hand was dressed in luxurious milk Blazer, a black well ironed trouser and a native milk shoe to better bring out the shine in him. the shining superstar who has won the attention of the girls left the girls craving and wanting only but a touch from him.

“A lovely night Ladies and Gentlemen” Kennedy began with a soft manly tune.

“what is this? Jane didn’t mention this to me” Esther who was already dripping in Jealousy said to Richard.

“I didn’t hear Kennedy talk about it either” Richard replied.

“it a lovely night and I must confess, you all are looking gorgeous” Kennedy continues.

“I am just here to share a few things about myself that I think would be beneficial to all of us here, just like the MC mentioned, this is not a tutorial, I am not a relationship expert either. I am here to share my experience and I believe that It would benefits someone out here tonight” he said as the crowd cheers him up.

“in the past few weeks, we opened a new chapter in our lives, a chapter of free world, out of parental control. I live in a kind of house where my mum watches everything we do. She looks at our assignments even at a senior secondary school, she takes note of the kind of friends we keep and the kind of girls that visits us. Can you believe that my mum still checks my phone!. But that was until I came to school. I opened a new chapter of my life. And in this chapter, I am free to do what I want, make my own decisions and other things. Because this was my first time to thirst this kind of freedom, I wanted to live life to the fullest. Little did I know that what I was doing was painting a negative image about me in the future. It’s barely 3 weeks we have been together as Course mates but I am known for and called a woman!zer. It was the kind of life I was living here, i didn’t care, not until I met Jane. She taught me how to love the right way, she gave me a reason to change and she also made me see that there is more to life than just jumping from one lady to the other. I am a changed person now and I hope this gives you inspirations too. I want to use this medium to announce to everyone that I am no longer a womanizer and should not in anyway be referred to as such by anybody, unless you want to meet the angry fist of Jane lol” he said as the crowd laughed out loud.

He made his last comments and few advice as he  left the stage and progressed to the VIP section with Jane, then the party beganpn

Lots of drinks and lots of meat to eat, Esther was already at her fill point as she was noticeably drunk. Richard noticed it and decided to take her into the room so she would have some rest to avoid her from misbehaving or doing anything she would regret under the influence of alcohol.

“I’d be right back” he said to Kennedy as he carried Esther to the room. He laid her on the bed about to leave when Esther drew him on his cloth causing him to fall on top her with her Brea$t striking directly against his well built chest.

“touch me Richard, make me feel like a woman” Esther said in a seductive tune as she reached out to grab his third leg.

“You are drunk Esther, have some rest. I would be outside with the boys” Richard replied.

“you are even resisting me now romeo” Esther said as she laid hands on Richard’s already standing manh00d.

“you are so hard already, why are you denying yourself this opportunity sweetheart” Esther said in a more seductive tune as she tilted her neck to leave Richard burning down there.

Richard was already breathing like a hegoat. You wont need a diviner to tell you that he is turned on already.

“but Esther…”

“shuu.. no buts” Esther used her finger to close Richards mouth as she plants a kiss on Richards mouth, Richard could no longer resist it, he quickly pulled off his clothes and gave it to her hard and rough.

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