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Freshers Night (E9)- Rape

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Freshers Night (E9)- Rape

Episode 9


“Rise and shine sunshine” Richard said to Esther who was just waking up as he walks out of the bathroom with just his tight boxers.

“Good morning Richard” Esther replied as she tried to stand up. She felt some pains down there. It was as if a mighty iron has forcefully penetrated her, but then, she was silent. She looked at herself and noticed she was wearing Richards Jacket. I mean, just Richard’s Jacket. There was noting else on her.

“Em .. Richard.. Did Jane help me change my clothes last night because I can’t remember changing them myself” she asked.

“Your clothes were stained from the wine. You were drunk, that was why I helped you change” Richard replied.

“You helped me change??” Esther asked furious. “You helped me … Who the hell told you to help me change? .. You can’t be serious” Esther said as she pulls out her phone.

“What are you doing?” Richard asked.

“Calling Jane. Its too early for me to sit and listen to your jokes ..”

“What do you mean. . joke!” Richard replied confused.

Just then, Jane picked the call. “Hello Jane, how are you doing”

“I’m fine baby girl, how was your night ?”

“It was fine ohh.. I called to thank you for booking a room for me and taking good care of me last night. I can’t believe i was drunk.. Lol. .” Esther expressed her gratitude.

“You were so drunk girl, like hell drunk. well, Richard was the one who booked the room not me, he was the one with you all night.. Is he not there now?” Jane asked.

Esther couldn’t believe what she just heard. “If Richard removed my clothes, that means he has seen my nakedne$$.” She taught.

“Now are you done pretending” Richard said.

“Pretending, what do you mean by pretending?” Esther questioned.

“Just forget.. Like, you made me have s£x with you last night and this morning, changing your clothes has become the big deal” Richard flaunts angrily.

“Wait… Wait .. Wait, did I get you well?.. Wait.. Hey !!.. Did you just say you had s£x with me?” Esther who was looking like a hungry lion ready to devour asked waiting for an answer.

“You don’t remember, do you?” Richard asked.

“Remember what! .. You slept with me!!!” Esther said with anger in her voice.

“Calm down Esther, I didn’t mean to take advantage of you. I wanted to leave the moment i dropped you in the room, but you…”

“That’s a terrible lie, you … Oh God! ” Esther Exclaimed.

“You made me do it Esther, you seduced me. You pulled me against your chest and you said the words -treat me like a woman, touch me Richard” Richard said.

“What nonsense are you saying! .. Is that the excuse you have cooked up” Esther shouts at Richard.

“I never believed I would stoop so low, now I have been used” Esther said as tears drop down her cheeks.

“Oh God, you were not used .. It was a lovely night and we both enjoyed it simple” Richard said.

“Come to think I trusted you, beast” Esther fired Richard.

“Common Esther, you are hot and everything, I wanted to leave but your sëduction left me no choice. I am a human being Esther” Richard said in a soft tune.

“I was drunk and unconscious Richard!.. I didn’t know what I was doing.. You took advantage of me, and finally, you have used me, at last you won the bet”. Esther said crying.

Richard tried to curdle her but she resisted him.

“What bet are you talking about?” Richard questioned.

“The one I heard you telling your friends that you must get me on fresher’s Night.” Esther replied

“Common Esther, that is history .. It was just a normal guy talk not a bet.”

“Whatever…you raped me Richard and I promise to make sure I use everything I have to make you pay for it” Esther said as she leaves the room in tears.

“Esther, Esther ..wait! ” Richard calls out to her as she left the hotel, entered a Taxi and zoomed off.

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