Germany Covid: you'll die if you don't get Vaccinated

Germany Covid: you’ll die if you don’t get Vaccinated

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Germany covid: the health minister in Germany has issued a serious warning to all citizens of Germany on what awaits them if they don’t get vaccinated as they suffer the fourth wave of covid 19.

He laid emphasis on the importance of being vaccinated.

Jens Spahn had made a statement on a news conference in Berlin on Monday telling the citizens to get vaccinated or await their death. In his words;

“By the time this winter runs out, Everybody in Germany will either be vaccinated, recovered or dead”

Germany is currently suffering the fourth wave of the virus Covid 19. Numerous hospitals are flooding with patients as cases rise rapidly each day.

Irrespective of the high rate of corona virus in Germany, it appears that it has one of the lowest vaccination rates in Western Europe. Having 68% of people vaccinated is poor for a country under strong attack of the virus.

The infection rate in Germany is at its highest peak since the pandemic started. And experts in the health sector of the country has warned its citizens that this wave could be the worst.

There have been 30,643 new infections in the past 24 hours and 7,000 more than a week ago. This has ranked amongst the highest rates in the world.

A more severe restrictions has been planned to be implemented which will exclude the unvaccinated from certain areas. And many Germany Christmas markets has been canceled.

Mr Spahn who was against making the vaccine compulsory has said its moral obligation to get the vaccine because it impacts on other peoples lives.

In his words; “Freedom means taking responsibility, and you owe the society a duty to get vaccinated” 

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He also made it known to the public that a highly Delta Variant is driving the latest wave and if anybody should fail getting vaccinated will, in the next few months get infected and lack protection.

Ever since the pandemic, more than 99,000 of people living in Germany have died, and more than 5.4 million have been infected with the virus.

The country is in great expectations that European Union will approve vaccination for children in the age range of 5 to 11 before the end of the week.

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