Getting started as a fresher Student –Things you need to know

Getting started as a fresher Student –Things you need to know


life as a fresher is sweet and stressful at the same time. Sweet in the sense that you have advanced to a better stage in life, you can make decisions on your own, do things you like, eat anyhow, go out and come back anytime you want plus all the small party you will be attending. The cruise, hangout with friends and make boyfriends and girlfriends anyhow. You have a thirst of freedom. Totally away from parental control.

It can be stressful in a way that you will have to run around to complete your admission processes. Screening, course registration, medicals, get your id cards, payment of departmental dues and all the rest of it. And the worst part of all these runarounds is that there must be a long cue of people waiting in line to also do the same thing you came to do. It can be frustrating sometimes and maybe you won’t even get things done that day because of the crowd. You will have to come back the next day to complete it. Which is very bad. but once again. you are a student. And this is the stress students pass through. Before I start the main topic of the day, let me use this medium to say WELCOME TO UNI. and for our polytechnic students out there. WELCOME TO POLY.

Getting started as a fresher.

Those days when I was newly admitted, I kept hearing fresher up and down. At that time, I actually didn’t know what it means. But as time goes on, I came to understand that we are actually the ones being referred to as fresher. Without taking much of your time, a fresher student is a newly admitted student within the period of 1 to 10 months. He or she is yet to fully understand how the school operates and will require series of orientation.
Being a fresher in higher institution, here are few things you need to know.

1. Control your Spending.

Being a fresher, you might have saved up a lot of money or gotten enough from family and friends. The one thing a fresher fail to understand is the need to control his or her spending till a later time which might be regrettable by him/her. Avoid spending on unnecessary things. Avoid buying unnecessary things and save up. Sometimes I see some fresher spend like they are dying tomorrow. The buy this, that and those and later run broke looking for money. At that point, they have learnt their lesson. You spend and remain for tomorrow.

2. Run your school stuffs on time.

this is another vital information for fresher. Try to process your school stuff on time. Make sure you go very early in the morning to avoid crowd and avoid procrastinating so it won’t interfere with your lecture hours.

3. Be Serious, use your head.

While there may be a lot of parties coming up, flexing and all the fun moments. But aside that, first year is a year to be serious. Serious with your education, serious with your books. Carryover in first year can be seriously stressful and you will have to avoid it.

4. Avoid Cultism

This is one thing you will regret being part of as the semester runs. While there might be a lot of factors pulling you to cultism. You have to avoid it no matter what. There is no gain in that thing. After all highness you will still go down. To avoid cultism, you will have to stay away from cultist. And avoid getting into problem with any. A lot of lives has been wasted as a result of cultism. Say No To Cultism.

5. choose your friends right.

The best kind of friends are the friends that have the same interest as you. While you make friends. Choose people that want to do what you want to do. Eg as a computer science student who likes programming you have to choose friends that likes programming too. Like this, you put heads together to achieve a goal.

6. Avoid issues with lecturers

this is no secondary school that you fight your teachers or insult them. Try any nonsense with a lecturer and you will keep repeating till you drop out. Avoid issues with lecturers. Be humble and avoid strong head. Give them what they want and reason with them with a polite tune if their terms doesn’t benefit you. Talk with them calmly ..

this is actually the end of the list. As a fresher, also try to read with past questions because questions normally comes from there too. Use your head. Be humble and jovial and the sky will be your starting point.
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