Gist with Sandra (E2) - Conversation

Gist with Sandra (E2) – Conversation

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Gist with Sandra (E2) – Conversation

Episode 2


Story, Story! … you too like gist, Tatafor people everywhere, lol. Well, in case you don’t know me, my name is Sandra John and this is THE GIST WITH SANDRA. Yesterday, over sabi Kamsi got what she deserved. Well, Kamsi is not and will never be the main topic of today, lets talk about something useful jaree. (forgive my Nigerian)

Omor, today ohh, I prepared to go to school as usual, but this time, I was too early. I cant believe I woke up by 5:30am after series of midnight chat and Video call with Caleb. Abeg, Abeg! Don’t ask me who Caleb is (LOL).

By 7:00am, I was already prepared for lectures. I quickly took my bag and left the house. Though lectures start by 8:30am. I had to go early to secure a good seat for myself. You know Nigerian schools nah. They admit more than their capacity and now, the late comers either stay outside or seat on the floor. Pls ohh.. I am too precious to seat on the floor.

I reached the school only to meet Kennedy already seated in his learning position waiting for the lecturer.

Me: Ah! Ah!!, did you sleep here?

Kennedy: It has not been long I came

Me: Ok, If you say so, I was beginning to wonder if you slept over because it is without doubt that nobody in the department as a whole comes to lectures this early.

Kennedy: (Laughs) I slept early last night, woke up early and decided to rush down here.

Me: Awwnn .. no more midnight chats. Hope the breakup didn’t affect you that much.

Kennedy: No, not at all, I was even looking for a way to get free of her, the breakup gave me the opportunity.

Me: Get free of her? like you were even tired of the relationship before yesterday happened.

Kennedy: forget about it, shouldn’t you be sad your friend lost her relationship.

Me: Friend kwa? Who exactly are you talking about

Kennedy: Kamsi nah, your best friend that year, I remember how you used to vibe with her.

Me: Whatever thing we had that year ended the moment she read my Diary to the entire department. Like, who does that? that was a very childish act, though I felt embarrassed.

Kennedy: I love the part where you said “Fu*k Virg!nity”

Me: ahh.. you Idiot, naughty boy, that was just a write up, I never meant any of that.

Kennedy: you were crushing on me, yet you kept it all to yourself. That’s selfish.

Me: hum, what did you expect me to do, should I have asked you out? So you and everyone in the department would label me a loose woman and 0losho.

Kennedy: I will never do a thing like that, by the way, I was crushing on you too.

Me: yea, yea. I know, it was before my Diary was read to the entire department that you made your first attempt to ask me out, which I accepted. But…

Kennedy: But what?

Me: before I could go to bed and wake up, you were already parading the campus with Kamsi as your girlfriend. It was then Kamsi taught of a way to completely ruin me after the heartbreak by reading my diary to the entire department.

Kennedy: I am so sorry I made you feel that way. I wish you would find a place in your heart to forgive me.

Me: I just want to ask why? Why did you ask me to be your girlfriend, then after I said yes, the next day, you have Kamsi filling my position. Why did you do that?.. do you know the amount of pains I went through? I loved you Kenny!

Kennedy: I am sorry Sandra, we can still make it work

Me: Make it work?…. I am so sorry, its too late. I am not in a good mood now, this conversation ends here.

I said as I left the class to get some fresh air. Well, till the next Episode, Goodbye for now!

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