Gist with Sandra (E3)- The Date

Gist with Sandra (E3)- The Date

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Gist with Sandra (E3)- The Date

Episode 3

The date.

Its only when you have an important occasion to attend to that you will recognize you don’t have clothes. Lol… What am I wearing for this date now! .. I can’t allow my date to out dress me. That stupid boy dresses like a celebrity. He is lucky he has small money, that boy sef.

Pls forget about my date for now, let’s talk about that stupid Kennedy. I loved Kennedy like mad, he reciprocated the love. We were this very close to making the relationship work, till Kamsi decided to join the story. Kennedy and i were the latest lovelies in the department. I don’t understand the kind of charm Kamsi used on him because I know that Kennedy can not be that heartless.

How can someone that asked you out today, you said yes. The same person is the one parading the school with another girl tomorrow. (Forgive my English). Kennedy broke my heart and left me shattered, now he wants us back together. I still love Kennedy shaa, but I can’t stand it. What if I say yes again now, then he goes out with another girl tomorrow.. No no. no .. I am done with Kennedy, he can go to hell.

Now about my newly found Crush, his name is Caleb, I believe you know him. He is cute, dark and pink lips. Average muscles and a lovely dimples. He is a bit rich and intelligent too .. The rich is what I care about jor (lol) .. Shey I wan chop intelligence? Abeg ohh!

So, Caleb and I have been chatting for a while now, he is in the department of Electrical Engineering. We met at a church program. … Calm down.. I know what you will be thinking now. Ah ah! At the mention of church, we Nigerians will start thinking churchy.. So like this now, you want to label us “brother Caleb and Sister Sandra” (lol) nawa ohh!

He is not a brother jor, we just met at the church simple. Caleb is a sweet and romantic young boy. He is the reason I have been keeping late nights. Omor. I am no longer serious, shouldn’t I be reading at that time?? Ah.. See what love is doing to me..

“Its obvious you don’t have clothes, pay me and borrow mine” my roommate said.

“Mumu girl, thank God you know, abeg help me with that your fine pink gown” I replied

“OK.. 300 naira per day” she said

“Ohh.. That one concern you, pls add your silver shoe, diamond necklace and stone watch to it” I replied

“Ah! , that will make it 1,500 naira ohh”

“OK, pls also put that your bone straight wig” i pleaded.

“Ah ah! Must you borrow everything?” She asked in confusion.

“Also help me with your powder” i begged

“Ah!!! ” she exclaimed

“And your perfume too, its not my fault now, you know i am going for a date” I replied.

“Are you the first person to go for a date? My own is after all these, you didn’t pay me my money, that’s when you will see the real me” she complained.

“Ah ! Ah.. What are roommates for? .. This is something you should be doing free for me, but since you have decided to collect money, help me and clean the shoe. You can’t lend me dirty shoes and expect me to pay for it” I stated

” you are mad, leave it there if you don’t want it” she said and stormed out of the room.

“Calm down nah, ordinary help you cannot help, its just for the date ohh. ” I said. Nonsense room mate, she will plan to collect money for every little thing. I am not giving her a kobo today.. Shey its this house, nah fight we go fight ..

After dressing in my gorgeous borrowed attire, its time to go for the date, just before i stepped out of the door , prince charming arrived and is ready to pick me up. I went into the car and drove off with him.

To be continued ohh.. Lemme go and enjoy my date. 

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