Gist with Sandra (E4)- it is over

Gist with Sandra (E4)- it is over

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Gist with Sandra (E4)- it is over


It is over

Hello lovelies, how are you doing today?, after the date yesterday, I checked my phone only to realize that today is a new month. So, allow me to leverage this wonderful opportunity to wish you a happy and prosperous new month. My name is Sandra John and right now, you are reading the Gist with Sandra.

Date with Caleb was nice, romantic and everything. To tell you the truth, I enjoyed it. Caleb is such a cute and innocent young guy. He inspires me and I think I love him. This is the second time I am feeling this way, the first didn’t actually work out, I hope this does.

Well, as you can see, it’s a bright Monday morning and I am running late for lectures. I will quickly grab some of my books and zoom off.

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After lectures today, Kennedy optioned to talk to me, “what exactly does he have to say now” I taught.

Kennedy: Sandra .. .wait!

Me: I am all ears, what is it?

Kennedy: I noticed you have been avoiding me lately, did I do something wrong?

Me: (gave his the are you serious look) are you asking me?

Kennedy: ok.. (breaths in) I am .. sorry for the other day, I made you feel bad, I spoilt your happy mood.

Me: that’s the problem with you Kennedy, Just when things turn out to look perfect, you will end up ruining it.

Kennedy: o..key, I don’t understand what you are driving at.

Me: you owe me an explanation to why you left me a day after the proposal, if you are not going to give me that, I believe this conversation is over.

Kennedy: ah! .. about that, it’s not what you think it is.

Me: then what is it?

Kennedy: I .. I taught you have forgotten about that, why bring this up again. See, I am sorry for what I did, and I promise not to ever hurt you again. I will tell you later, but please, give me some time to sort things out.

Gist with Sandra is proudly sponsored by Divplanet Services – Let’s get you something nice!

Me: I never asked then because I taught you hated me, I taught I wasn’t perfect enough, without doubt Kamsi is more of an attractive woman than I am so it didn’t bother me. but from the conversation, I found out that you never enjoyed a single moment with Kamsi. You don’t even love her. And then after all these, you come back asking me out again. If you loved me just as you described, why did you leave me. or is Kamsi using some kind of spell on you? .. is it Juju?

Kennedy: I know I should explain to you, but allow me some time to sort things out pls.

Me: hum…

Kennedy: we can still continue as friends, maybe when I am done fixing my mistakes, I will tell you about it. But know this that I will not stop fighting for you.

Me: well, you better be fast about it, as you can see, I am on my way to my boyfriend’s house.

At the sound of “boyfriend” Kennedy’s mood changed, he was boiling, I could see him change his sympathetic mood to jealousy. He was shocked, but then, he swallowed it.

Kennedy: you … you have a boyfriend?

Me: you heard me well, I am running late, I still have to cook for him and take care of his bedroom before I go, wasting time with you here means I might eventually sleep over and I don’t think you want me to do that. (I said intentionally to make him more sad and Jealous)

Kennedy: (said in a low tune) I am trying my best to make this work and you are going around sleeping with men.

Me: you are not my father neither are you my brother or boyfriend, how exactly is that your business young man? (I fired him)

Kennedy: I deserve an explanation, you still love me Sandra and I am sure about this, why are you going from men to men to make me feel bad. I am still your friend, so I have every right to care about you.

Me: (laughs) I don’t think you understand English in the afternoon, but let me make this clear, I have a boyfriend. Who said I am jumping from men to men.. common .i am not like your ex who had a threes0me with your roommate and his friends. well about the friend thing, I don’t think we can continue this little nonsense we are doing here in the name of friendship, it is over Ken, since you have refused to give me an explanation, I don’t think I owe you one either, have a nice day.


I said as I left the scene. I wasn’t going to see any boy, I just said that to make Kennedy angry. Now he is feeling what I felt when he dumped me. serves him right.

we will meet in the next episode abeg, Enjoy the rest of your day.

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