Gist with Sandra (E5)- Kamsi everywhere you go

Gist with Sandra (E5)- Kamsi everywhere you go

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Gist with Sandra (E5)- Kamsi everywhere you go

Episode 5

Kamsi everywhere you go.

Oh my God! Is this really what I am seeing or its just my eyes? What on earth is Kamsi doing in Caleb’s department???

My name is Sandra John, and this is the gist with Sandra.

Just as I was coming back from lectures this evening, I happened to see Kamsi walking right into Caleb’s department, its not just that I saw her walking in there, I also saw Caleb approach her, give her a hug and took her inside his lecture hall. How on earth did Kamsi know Caleb? From the display over there, it was as if those two has dated in the past.

Why is Kamsi like this? Where did I even meet this girl? She will always be anywhere and everywhere I happen to see happiness. She is just like MTN, everywhere you go and seriously, I am beginning to hate her even more. I must find out what those two are up to.

I followed them till I got to a point where I could see them clearly as they converse in the lecture hall. Well, somehow I allowed Kamsi to get away with Kennedy but I am not letting her seduce Caleb. Never! I will walk into that lecture hall and show her who the boss is.

I put my self together, packaged the Jean Trouser I was wearing, I drew it up a bit so it would clearly show my curves, pulled my shirt together, then I cat walked into the lecture hall. Caleb saw me and gave me a cute smile. I smiled back at him. Just then, Kamsi looked back to meet her biggest shock.

“A wonderful evening sweetheart, how was lectures today?” I said as I gave Caleb a peg on his face.

“it was nice and a bit boring, but your intervention now has killed the atmosphere of boredom, making my face bright again” Caleb complemented.

“wow, I am flattered, I was just on my way home, taught I should come over for a little chit chat, but since my intervention like you said has done a lot of these, I would love to add more, care for a lunch, don’t worry, it’s my treat” I said.

I could hear his friends exclaim, some said “hum” while others were like “where una de find love ohh” Just as I was feeding my ego, Caleb replied.

“It will be irresponsible of me to allow you spend, we will go for the lunch and you will allow the man to do his work”

“You’ve gotten me a lot of things honeypie, you’ve spoilt me with money a lot, allow me to reciprocate these loveable actions of yours, like I said, it’s my treat” I insisted.

“if you say so, shall we?” he replied as he uses his hand to lead the way. If I leave now, I definitely know that he would want to conclude with Kamsi, I went back, crossed my hands into his hand like couples do, then we walked out. Kamsi on the other hand had her mouth wide open, you should see the kind of shock on her face, lol. If Kamsi thinks that she is good at snatching men, she can as well try Caleb lets see. I don’t know how she did it with Kennedy, but she is not coming close to my Caleb, not after everything I have done to be with Caleb. I know what you are thinking, lol . .. it’s what you are thinking ohh, I cant believe I used Lecturer’s textbook money to pay the lunch bills I had with Caleb, like What the fu*k! who does that? I must definitely be out of my mind.

During the lunch, I stylishly asked Caleb who Kamsi was to him and he said that she is just her secondary school classmate, he saw her passing so he called her. Its been long, so a little get together wont be bad. Caleb dosen’t seem to know that Kamsi has a trending video that was recorded during her fight with Kennedy where it was made known that she had a thres0me with her boyfriends roommate and friends. Now, I have a tool against Kamsi. She has the mind to read my diary to the public, well this is just the beginning. When I am done with her, she will regret the first day she set her eyes on me.

I will bring back that tape, but I will wait till Kamsi decides to try anything rubbish with Caleb. Let her try me again this one tiny bit, I would let her know that I know how to play her game 10 times more better than her.

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