Gist with Sandra (E6)- Kamsi Again!

Gist with Sandra (E6)- Kamsi Again!

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  • Gist with Sandra (E6)- Kamsi Again!

Episode 6

Kamsi Again!

“you know you acted a bit childish back then right” Kamsi stopped me on my way to school the next morning just to tell me this nonsense. This girl needs fire ooh. Can you just imagine, no good morning, no hi, no hello. You just saw someone that early in the morning and this was the perfect question you have in mind to ask. I eyed her and walked even faster.

“I used to think you were matured enough but after that display yesterday, God! I finally knew how childish you are” Kamsi continues.

“where are your manners little girl, didn’t your mum teach you to greet older people in the morning” I fired Kamsi.

“Older with a childish behavior, I don’t think you are as old as you think you are, you definitely need to grow up” Kamsi slammed.

“do you have a problem with my boyfriend and I ? I saw the way your mouths were opened yesterday like that of a milking cow” I fired back.

“that was because I didn’t expect you to have acted so childish”

“Keep expecting, I am not the one that told you to ruin the only good relationship you will ever have in your entire life by having a threes0me with your boyfriend’s roommate” I fired back.

At the mention of this, I noticed she grew very angry and left. That was what I wanted though, finally peace of mind. I walked straight to class for the normal lectures. Well, I was a bit late, when I reached, the lecturer was already inside. And you know what that means. No entry for anybody else. I have to stand outside till the lecture is over. Few minutes later, Kennedy arrived. Looks like i am not the only one late for lectures.

“Hey Sandra”

“Good morning Ken” I replied.

“Morning dear. You came late today, what happened?” He questioned.

“I slept late last night” I replied

“Humm.. Chatting with him right?” He said in a low tune

“Maybe” I replied

“Can I take you out for lunch today?.. I” I cut in

“My afternoon is already booked”

“I know I hurt you.. .and I am sorry, I only want us to start afresh, give me a chance to prove myself, and as for your explanation, I will tell you everything during lunch today” he said.

I was silent for a while, then I accepted the lunch offer, just then, the next lecturer for the day was already at the doorsteps waiting for the other to leave, the first lecturer left and we entered the class.

I have actually wanted to know what Ken has been hiding from me. What is this secret he has with Kamsi that was too difficult for him to say. And what will happen next if he tells me all about it, he would expect us to get back together.. Hum.. Not now that I am slowly falling for Caleb.

Ken is still the first guy I love since I came to this school, but with a new love coming right in after a failed love, will I accept Ken’s proposal or better still start afresh with Caleb. It I said that the devil you know is better than the angel you don’t know. I have seen Ken’s flaws and I have known him well. But Caleb.. He appears to be a nice guy.. .God ! .. I am so confused right now.

After lectures, I called Caleb to inform him that I won’t be coming over, he wanted me to come to his house and cook for him. He enjoys my food a lot, my mum will always say that the best way to a man’s heart is food. Lol ..I don’t know how hilarious that sounds but I don’t fail to do it in every relationship I am into. …did I just say “every relationship” 😂😂.. Like I have been in a lot .. Lol .. Relationship with Caleb is just the 3rd one ohh .. My first relationship was with a cute guy from sec. school. I haven’t heard from him in a while. He was a senior student then, so he graduated before me, after graduation, I didn’t see him neither did I hear from him.. If he is still existing, I don’t even know..that one is it shaa.. Lemme go for my lunch.. See you in the next episode.

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