Gist with Sandra (E7)- The past

Gist with Sandra (E7)- The past

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Gist with Sandra (E7)- The past

Episode 7

The past

Hello dear, how are you doing? .. How was your day?. .I hope you enjoyed it.. Omor today was one kind ohh.. You won’t believe who I met at the eatery today, My Secondary school boyfriend, like for real?.. After all these years. Come to say that I just taught about him few minutes ago.. Well, guys permit me to introduce Emeka. My fine huge boyfriend. He is the guy that i would have proudly given my v!rginity to in secondary school. I loved him with everything I have. I gave him my soul, mind and body but he was so responsible enough not to have taken advantage of my puberty.

Puberty comes with a lot of urges, especially for the girls. I don’t know if you felt the same, but puberty for me made me mad over boys. Anything under trousers gets me nervous and wanting. Thank God for Emeka who was there to fill in the gap as a boyfriend. I craved for him everyday. Not a day would pass by without me stripping Emeka nek£d in my thoughts. He is huge, cute, dark with lots of muscles. But irrespective of the fact that I throw myself at him everyday, Emeka didn’t for once take advantage of me.. He taught me how to control my feeling and how to subdue the urge whenever it comes.

We were very close. It got to an extent when I was no longer able to control myself, it was on Friday and it was time for sports. Looking at the boys in their sports wears running and ringing their bell was actually sending a negative image to me. Most of them even wore this light shorts that would show the mark of the something clearly. I wasn’t able to control myself so I went in search of Emeka. Emeka was not left out, I could see the yam size of his something held together by a tight boxers as his light sports short lay on top it.

I called him into an empty class and tried to sedu¢e . i went close to him with my top nearly out of my body and told him to help me zip up. While he was at it, I reached out to his third leg, I grabbed it as I noticed it increase 3 times its original size. He was still trying to resist me when I removed my shirts allowing him to see what God has blessed me with in front. Still holding his third leg, he Ki$$Ed me and then the romance began. It was when he finally tried to slide the thing inside my hole that the bell rang. Students started running inside their classrooms .. We quickly dressed up and left.

He later came apologising to me for allowing himself try to take advantage of me but I made it clear to him that i want it. That was when he started lecturing me on the benefits of staying a virgin till marriage.

To me, he was a God sent. Looks like God knew what puberty would turn me into, that was why he sent Emeka to help me control it and I am grateful.

When I saw him today at the lunch with Kennedy, he was just coming to have lunch too with one of his friends. He first noticed me and called out, on seeing him, the first thing I remembered was how I tried to sedu¢e him and the lovely touch r0mance, naughty me. Lol

He has grown bigger, more masculine and huge, I was anticipating what the size of his third leg would be now when Kennedy interrupted “who is he?” He asked .. Mtchew… This boy should go and rest jor, my first love is back in town!

Well, about Kennedy, he told me that Kamsi manipulated him into making that move. I wasn’t paying attention to what he was saying shaa, he was just talking in circles, but to hell with it. I don’t even want to know again. I made it clear to him that I was in a relationship with Caleb and that is a relationship I am not planning to quit. He has to respect that if he truly loves me like he claims, well, I am not ready to become a laughing stock the second time.

Like what will people say? .. That I was too desperate to have Ken that I didn’t even wait for him to break up with Kamsi before I started flying over him” . who knows what Kamsi will start telling everyone.. Mtcheww. .. I have a boyfriend now shaa.. And I hope Kennedy understands that.

To be continued …

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