How i met the love of my life

How i met the love of my life

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 I met the love of my life on the dating phone app Tinder. My friends teased me for only swiping left (rejecting people). They would literally snatch my cell phone and find people they liked for me and swiped right for me.

Anyway, I only chose two people. The first choice ended up being the absolute love of my life! I call him my unicorn because he’s so awesome and magical and more than my list of what I wanted that I did not think he existed.

How i met the love of my life
How i met the love of my life – Nichole Compton

EVERYBODY LOVES HIM and loves him for me. He has changed my whole life! I was a teen mom who overcame lots of disappointments, hardships and adversity to become an attorney.

My ex-husband and I met in college and got married 7 years later. Before we ever reached our 7 year anniversary, we were divorced because he cheated and had not one but two babies with his mistress. So i stayed single for many years, trying to heal and be ready and whole to date.

When i did, I found my forever on Tinder. It will be 8 years at the end of August. I’m still in love and it’s been great. I love him and he loves me more.

True life experience written by Nichole Compton

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