How to Cook Indomie the right way - A Must read.

How to Cook Indomie the right way – A Must read.


Indomie has become a very popular food in Nigeria. And it is good you know the best way to prepare it.


Two sachets of indomie

Two egg

1 medium sized onions.

2 cups of water

Pepper to taste

2 Tumeric (its cheap to purchase)



Meat or fish (optional)

How to Cook Indomie the right way - A Must read.


Step 1. Open the two sachets of indomie and put into a pot on fire .. Add one and half cup of water and cook till the indomie straightens ..

Step 2. Remove from fire. And pour away the water. Its should be milky in colour.

Step 3. Pour half cup of fresh water into the pot. Add the indomie ingredients.

Step 4. Add your sliced onions, pepper, sliced or pounded tumeric. Now put the indomie.

Step 5. Allow to cook for some minutes. If the water is running dry .. Add more water.

Step 6. If it is almost done. Add the vegetables and tomatoes .. Add the eggs if you want to cook it together.. Or you can boil or fry it later.

Step 7. If soft .. Bring it down .. Your hot indomie is ready.

I like using tumeric on my indomie because of its unique flavor and taste ..

And of coz .. Tumeric is a very healthy ingredient with lots of health benefits ..

Hope this was very useful .. Let me know what you think about it in the comment box below .. Also let your friends know about it by using the share button ..

And don’t forget to keep my own share of the indomie when you are done cooking. . thank you .. Enjoy the rest of your day.

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