How to enlarge images without Pixaelation

How to enlarge images without Pixaelation using WebApps and Softwares


Top professional designers pay quality and special attention to image resolution and quality when choosing visuals for their projects. Poor-quality, pixelated pictures will ruin the perception of the overall composition and result to an unappealing look, pushing and driving customers away. Well, on the contrary, high-quality visuals are generally recognized and liked by customers, driving sales and boosting overall brand awareness.

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Digital creators can discover that a downloaded photo is highly illustrative, but its size is however small and quality is too low. This article gives in detailed explanation or explains How to enlarge images without Pixaelation and how to enlarge images without losing quality and provides top web-based upscale and downloadable software for such manipulations. if this is what you want, read this article till the end!

Why do pictures get pixelated after enlargement?

well, Aspiring creators frequently try to enlarge low-quality images by trying to change their dimensions — height and width. However, after a basic normal enlargement, the picture resolution remains the same while the scenery will look stretched. The reason is that such manipulations cause  a lot of distortions in the overall composition. Standard-quality pictures differ from HD visuals by the exact number of pixels — the more pixels, the higher the resolution. When increasing image dimensions, you however, stretch out pixels, not multiply their numbers. To improve image quality during any enlargement, you must reconstruct and generate missing pixels in your image/ visual.

How to make pictures bigger without losing quality online

It’s very impossible to add missing pixels to the pictures manually. There are well created specialized web-based tools for such purposes. Online upscalers however use AI-based technology, allowing you to enlarge a picture and also enhance its quality. you can do this by simply uploading your file to the tool, and the system will independently reconstruct  the missing pixels. Online image enlargers are very accessible from any electronic device with a working internet connection, so you don’t need to download  any sort of applications or software.

You are now reading: How to enlarge images without Pixaelation using WebApps and Softwares

Depositphotos Image Upscaler

Depositphotos Image Upscaler is a very popular online photo enlarger that can double the resolution of your visual and also enhance its quality. For example, if you have a 1000x1000px image, it will become 2000x2000px after its processing. Depositphotos Image Upscaler is without doubt an AI-powered tool that employs a neural network to identify and generate some of the missing pixels, sharpen blurry objects, brighten the colors, and reduce excess noise. It supports raster files in extensions like JPG and JPEG formats, weighing up to 15 MB. It’s also very free to use for personal and also commercial purposes.

You are now reading: How to enlarge images without Pixaelation using WebApps and Softwares

How can you enlarge a picture and improve its quality using Depositphotos Image Upscaler?

  1. visit the upscaler site available at
  2. Create a free account.
  3. Upload your picture, or drag and drop a file onto the page.
  4. Wait for a couple of seconds and see the upscaled result.
  5. Click the Download Image button to save the enlarged visual / image to your device.


BigJPG is another tool that provides simple, user-friendly functionality for enlarging images without losing their quality. The tool makes use of neural networks to identify missing pixels and improve details smartly. BigJPG works well with photographs and illustrations that have well visible lines and objects. In the free version, you can process files with a maximum file size of 5 MB and 3000x3000px resolution. BigJPG also provides a batch-processing option for its registered users.

How to improve picture quality with BigJPG:

  1. Visit the tool’s official website at
  2. Click on the Select Images button and select the files from your device folder.
  3. Click on the Start button to initiate picture improvement.
  4. Choose file configuration, such as image type, upscaling volume, and the noise reduction intensity.
  5. Preview and download the result. helps aspiring creators increase their image quality in a couple of seconds without any manual manipulations. The tool however, employs AI-based technology, which provides very good results even for blurred and highly-detailed visuals. allows you to enlarge pictures for up to 4x their original size. The missing pixels reconstruction feature helps keep detailed textures smooth. You can upload your PNG, JPEG, JPG, and WebP files with up to 1500x1500px resolution.

You are now reading: How to enlarge images without Pixaelation using WebApps and Softwares

To enlarge your picture with, proceed with the following:

  1. Open the website in your browser.
  2. Upload or drag and drop your image onto the page. You can also paste the image appropriate URL.
  3. Choose an upscaling volume and preview the result.
  4. Download the improved image to your device.

Top software to enlarge images without pixelation

How to enlarge images without Pixaelation

Expert designers manipulate pictures all the time, so they need good and efficient solutions that are always at their fingertips. In this case, you can consider some professional downloadable software. Besides the image enlargement feature, such programs provide additional options like perspective and also lens distortion correction.

HitPaw Photo Enhancer

HitPaw Photo Enhancer is a downloadable picture improvement software compatible with the Windows and Mac operating systems. Based on it’s AI technology, the solution accurately reduces noise and also sharpens images. You can manipulate your photos manually or apply the available auto-improvement option. The software offers three enlargement options and models: general, denoising, and face. The general model is applicable to images of landscape, building, and nature photography. The denoising model is a good option for reducing high ISO values and improving low-light images / pictures. The face model is developed for dealing with portraits and old pictures. The software is however paid, but you can test its trial version.

How can you improve your images in HitPaw Photo Enhancer?

  1. Visit the HitPaw official website.
  2. Click on the ‘Try It For Free’ button to download the trial version.
  3. Install and launch the HitPaw Photo Enhancer on your PC.
  4. Click the Choose Images button or drop your files onto the workspace.
  5. Choose an AI-based processing model and select Preview.
  6. See the results and click on the Export button to save the improved image on your device.

Reshade Image Enlarger

Reshade Image Enlarger is a free professional software that is available for Windows. Using this tool, you can manipulate images like resize, crop, sharpen, and reduce noise in pictures. A batch processing feature is also available, allowing it’s users to manipulate several visuals simultaneously. If needed, you can also apply manual configurations to your processed pictures, which can also help improve the results. For example, choose the intensity of denoising or reducing artifacts. The software however supports JPEG, TIFF, and PNG raster formats.

You are now reading: How to enlarge images without Pixaelation using WebApps and Softwares

To enhance your picture using Reshade Image Enlarger, follow these steps:

  1. Visit the Reshade Image Enlarger website and download the software installation file to your computer.
  2. Install and open the program on your computer.
  3. Click on File → Open, and choose a needed file from a folder.
  4. Wait until auto improvement and analyze the results.
  5. Also make manual adjustments if needed.
  6. Click on the Save button to download the improved image.

You are now reading: How to enlarge images without Pixaelation using WebApps and Softwares

A Sharper Scaling

A Sharper Scaling is however, an advanced image enhancement software available for Windows users. The application does not require much storage space on your PC to run. A Sharper Scaling allows designers and photographers to enlarge picture objects anyhow they like without losing the quality of details. For example, you can make some elements in your photo more visible and also eliminate unnecessary details. This tool can also correct rotation, perspective, and lens distortion. You can upload your files in JPEG, TIFF, PNG, and BMP formats and download the results in JPEG, TIFF, or PNG. A Sharper Scaling is free to use for personal and commercial purposes.

How can you enlarge pictures using A Sharper Scaling?

  1. Visit the tool’s official website at
  2. Download and install software to your PC.
  3. Upload a file from your folder and choose from the conventional upscaling method.
  4. See the result and download the improved picture to your pc.

In Conclusion

Content creators will always require high-quality images to improve user experience and boost sales in their commercial projects. Increasing your picture quality by changing its proportions leads to an increased number of stretched pixels and visual distortion. Instead, using various AI powered web-based tools and downloadable top professional software allows you to quickly enlarge pictures without losing file quality and get HD results hence the question How to enlarge images without Pixaelation is answered. Test the options presented in the post above and choose the best solution for your project on our post on How to enlarge images without Pixaelation.

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