How to make money as a copywriter in Nigeria

How to make money as a copywriter in Nigeria


Copy writing in Nigeria can be difficult because of it’s non popularity in the country – How to make money as a copywriter in Nigeria.

to make money as a copywriter in Nigeria  Irrespective of the non popularity, copy writing is still a hot niche in Nigeria. here is a quick way to make money from copy writing.

Without taking much of your time, copy writing simply means to write compelling stories that solves a problem thereby converting readers to potential customers.

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On an interview with expert sources, here are the various list of how copywriters in Nigeria can make money.

How to make money as a copywriter in Nigeria

How to make money as a copywriter in Nigeria

We will be sharing opinions of many copy writers out there, read and make use of what’s best for you.

1. Find your niche

(By Salvador Ordorica founder and CEO of The Spanish Group LLC.)

As a copywriter, you can create a wide range of content, from advertisements and product descriptions to academic texts and technical documents. It is critical to identify the type of writing you are most interested in. This vision will assist you in preparing appropriate writing samples as well as an effective portfolio.

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Prepare some writing samples that highlight your expertise in that specific domain once you’ve identified your niche. Most employers will want to see samples of your work to determine whether you are a good fit for the position. Creating a portfolio is a must, even if you want to get a contract as a freelancer.

2. Get a portfolio

make money as a copywriter in Nigeria

(By Catherine Way, Marketing Manager at Prime Plus Mortgages)

One of the fastest ways to get a job as a copywriter is to have a portfolio. If you can show a wide variety of copy you have written (blog posts, social, or even web descriptions) it can make it easier to land a client as you have a track record of the different types of copy you can write.

Additionally, you can use this portfolio to advertise to employers or even freelance sites!

3. Hit Networking Scenes

(By Leanne Shelton)

I highly recommend hitting the networking scene. As a fellow (yet more established copywriter), I’ve noticed that the majority of networking groups are lacking writers. Yet, it’s a service that the majority of business owners need! It’s all about connecting with people first – and explaining how you can help them. Ask people about their current marketing challenges and see if you can help.

4. Create work samples, and use freelancing platforms.

(By Axel Hernborg the CEO of Tripplo, a travel researcher extraordinaire, an exploration enthusiast, and a wanderer.)

Writing practice allows you to improve your written communication skills while also producing writing samples to share with interviewers, potential employers, and clients. Choose one or two short writing samples that best demonstrate your abilities and expertise.

Newbies can find a steady supply of online freelancing platforms for short-term and long-term work opportunities. Create an appealing profile and apply for jobs with relevant work samples.

5. Be Passionate about your work

(By Rue Wijetunga)

As I began my career as a freelance copywriter at the age of 18 and ended up securing myself a position at one of the organisations I had been writing for after just 3 years of freelancing, I believe that my perspective may provide valuable insights for this proposed piece.

I worked as a photojournalist, a youth group facilitator, a writer for a community theatre troupe, and a closed captions writer before I found my way to SEO content. I was drawn in by its highly variable workload, and the opportunity that SEO content creation presented to further my passion for personal study.

I’m currently a content coordinator working with Digital Next Australia, a digital marketing agency based in Melbourne. This agency makes a point of only publishing SEO content that adheres to their exceptional standards, which is precisely why their work appealed to me.

The best advice that any budding copywriter can hear is to find work that they feel passionately about, rather than being complacent with a professional role that has them writing. It can be all too tempting to just stay in a position for the sake of being able to call yourself a professional writer, but if that work is draining all the joy from your craft, then what’s the point?

If you actively seek out opportunities to write content that aligns with your personal interests and experiences, then your writing portfolio will be so much more vibrant and reflective of you as a professional.

6. Understand SEO and keep up to date with trends.

(The rest by Paula )

7. Always seek to improve your methods of persuasive writing.

Online business ideas

8. Write piece tailored to a particular Issue

If you do not have writing samples or are applying for a job outside of your niche, you can still land the job with an effective writing piece tailored to their particular issue.

9. Always be focused on service

ask them what challenge specifically are they looking to resolve? Copywriting is a broad service. If you can get them to be very specific about the issue they want solved, then you have a better chance of providing the right solution (and getting hired!).

10. Seek to give out value wherever you can.

For example, you can post in local business groups and offer small businesses complimentary copy writing to showcase your skills.

11. Value yourself and your services

To sign an amazing contract, you must value yourself and your services. Copy writing is one of the most valuable marketing skills today. Look at what your specific strengths are within copy writing and remember to be confident when approaching potential new clients – YOU are the expert!

Hope you saw what you are looking for and you also learnt something new. Don’t forget to share your opinions with us in the comment box below .. Share to friends.

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