How to steal fowl – the sure way!

How to steal fowl

How to steal fowl – the sure way! – Below are the guidelines on how to steal a fowl, Read and Laugh !! 

Disclaimer:  This post does in no way whatsoever encourage the stealing of fowls..  The post was written for entertainment purpose only as it was posted under the “Jokes” Category..  .. Read and laugh only, you are responsible for any other thing you do with this post.

Stealing is a crime punishable by law.. Remember that ! 

If you are a farmer, its time to also know the methods used by thieves so you would catch them in no time 😂

In Nigeria or any other country you can think of, Stealing a fowl requires very special skills 😂. ..if you know, you know .. But  If you’re caught, you are definitely on your own boss. From my 100,000 years of experience😂😂, I have combined a full list guideline to help you in your chosen career ! (Ewee 🙆🏽)

Here are the proven steps on How to steal fowl – from my 100,000 years of Experience.

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How to steal fowl – the sure way from my 100,000 yrs Experience 😂!

How to steal fowl

1: First locate your Preferred fowl and monitor it closely.

2: Wait till it gets dark, then get ready for some adventure in the field. 😂

3: Wear an oversized shirt and trousers  (u will get to know y later)

4: Go with a flash light/torch..( flash once in a while)

5: Make sure you don’t distract the fowls ..also don’t allow anyone to see you.

6: Point the torch directly to your fowl’s eyes and make your move(make sure you throw full length)


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1: Once you’ve caught the fowl, close the mouth with speed to avoid noise.

2: Put the fowl inside your shirt and hold it firmly with your two hands.

3: Pretend as if you are catching cold and walk out of that area.

4: Go and enjoy your hustle… 😂😂

Tested and trusted 😁😁

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Have a nice day!

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