Islamic state group claims to be responsible for Ugandan explosion

The popularly known Islamic state group (IS) has claimed to be responsible for the Tuesday explosion in the capital city of Uganda, Kampala. Saying the mission was carried out by suicide bombers.

These claims were made known to the public on Tuesday in the name of its so-called central African Province (Is cap) on the messaging app on telegram

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The first attacker who was identified as Abu Sabr al-Ugandi (which means from Uganda) detonated a bag filled with explosives he was carrying near a checkpoint at a police station.

IS also stated that the second cell made up of two attackers on motorbikes “Abu Shahid all-Ugandi and Abu Abdul-Rah man all-ugandi” detonated similar explosive bags they we’re carrying at the parliament building, targeting the guards.

Islamic state group claims to be responsible for Ugandan explosion
Damages caused by the Ugandian Explosion

Amaq who is IS new agency also issued a report on the subject. According to him, Uganda was one of the countries participating in the war against Islamic state fighters in central Africa.

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This branch has since been linked to the Allied Democratic Forces (ADF) – a Ugandan Islamist rebel group operating in the region.

Because of this, authorities in the Democratic Republic of Congo and Uganda tend to attribute IS-claimed activity to the ADF.


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