It's a Bloody Marriage

It’s a Bloody Marriage (E10)- Jumaima

Romance 💕 Adventure

It’s a Bloody Marriage (E10)- Jumaima

Episode 10


“Congratulations Jumaima, you have been made the head of Marketing department” The CEO of the company Oscar works in said in the workers meeting held by the company.

there were celebrations and as usual, side talks.

“she doesn’t deserve that position, the reason her sales record seems to pass ours in the department is because she uses her body to sell.. prostîtutë” One envy co-worker to Jumaima whispered to her fellow gossip.

“so much for women supporting women” Oscar said indirectly upon overhearing the ladies bad talking Jumaima over her recent promotion.

it was then that Jumaima walked in the direction of Oscar.

“Congratulations Jumaima, you deserve the position” Oscar complimented.

“thank you sir.” Jumaima said in a cheerful tune. she was excited about her promotion and also excited that her working place crush complimented her.

the meeting was over and all workers were to return to their respective departments. Jumaima on the other hand is required to resume duties immediately as the head of Marketing department. this means that she would be moving to her new office immediately.

she quickly transfered her files to the new office. she got help from co workers. in less than 15 minutes, her new office was ready for her.

few minutes later, as Jumaima was still admiring her new position and feeling on top of herself, her friend Amina came to gist.

“Boss lady! .. . Jumaiii… this Office fits you well” Amina complimented.

“Awnn, you can say that again” Jumaima gushes.

“I am so happy for you girl..ll ” Amina expresses her feelings.

“Thank you so much babe” Jumaima said with a Sharp smile on her face.

“Remind me, After work today, we are going to enjoy ourselves at that new fast food along the road… feel free to order anything, bills on me” Jumaima brags as she stands to make a girly catwalk ..

“Oh my Go….d! .. bills on you baby, catwalk for daddy!” Amina teased her as she rains praises on her.

Jumaima was over excited, she cat walked in a way that made it look like she is overdoing it.

“it’s ok, its ok.. Ordinary head of department you are jumping like this, if they now make you the General Overseer or Head of Operations.. that means this entire building won’t contain us” Amina teased.

Jumaima laughed out loud, “it won’t ohh.. ah swr, it won’t contain us babe …I will bring down the building” She said jokingly.

“well, speaking of the Head of Operations..” Amina said initiating her gossip idea.

Jumaima looked at her in a cuny way.. “what do you want to hear this time .. olofofo” She said

“I saw the way he looked at you today . .. also the way you were flooding all over him.. spill the gist already” Amina said determined to get Jumaima talking as she sips her cup of tea.

“ok .. ok . I will confess.. ” She said jokingly.

“I’ve been crushing over the Head of Operations” Jumaima confessed.

“you mean Mr. Oscar? .. ” Amina asked.

“yes .. keep your voice low” Jumaima whispers.

“common, but I think he is a married man.” Amina reminds her.

“I know, but I can’t help it, I have been thinking about him ever since after the day he helped me with the presentation for The Johnson’s company. he is so cute and gentle” Jumaima blushes.

“bad girl.. ordinary help that the young man helped you, y’ve already ripped off his clothes in your mind” Amina teased.

“I wonder what it will feel like in bed with him.. his deep séxy voice, strong firm arms and those muscular chest ..Humm. .his wife must be really enjoying” Jumaima fantasized.

“spoilt girl.. you better get your mind off that guy .. before you spoil a peaceful family, you are sexy and all that with the curves .. .I am sure Oscar won’t think twice if you should attempt seduction” Amina replied.

“peaceful family?.. lol .. he fights with his wife literally every day!” Jumaima drops the bombshell.

“Oh my God!.. how did you know about that?” Amina asked.

“I have my sources.. ” She brags.

“Humm.. -gossip mill- -information finder- . I hear you” Amina teased her friend.

with a sudden mood switch from happy to moody, .. Jumaima said.

“yes, about the seduction.. I have tried that multiple times but it looks like that man is not even noticing me.”

Amina quickly vomits the tea she was drinking. .. “you don’t mean it?” she questioned.

“keep your voice low ..” Jumaima reminded

“you that even in your Chador gets men over excited is not moving ordinary Oscar even with the skinny dresses you wear to his office?” Amina Asked to get a good understanding of the situation at hand.

“Exactly” Jumaima responded in affirmation.

“I even tried to seduce him in his office the other day, I was almost half naked in front of him but this man sent me out and promised to fire me if I pull such attempts again” Jumaima revealed.

“oh my God! … what a wow!” Amina exclaimed.

“this man is a true keeper .. he has everything a lady would ask for.. character, money, body structure, fine face, neat and I heard he can cook too .. I will do everything to win him over” Jumaima concludes.

“I even dipped my dirty undies in his pocket the other day just to create a little confusion at home..” Jumaima said as she chuckles.

“That is a very dangerous move girl .. I am begining to fear you ohh.. where is the innocent Jumaima I used to know. .” Amina replied.

“lol.. common, I am still innocent. Oscar’s wife doesn’t deserve him.. she gives the young man so much trouble…so while she is doing that, I will slowly steal Oscar’s heart and before you know it, he will divorce her for me .. come to think of it .. we are from the same tribe.. so it would fit us perfectly unlike his Igbo wife” Jumaima drops her peace of mind ..

Amina just sat still looking at her friend whom she taught was an Angel.

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