It's a Bloody Marriage

It’s a Bloody Marriage (E11)- Séduction

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It’s a Bloody Marriage (E11)- Séduction

Episode 11


Amina left the office after the gist with her friend. Jumaima who was preparing some documents to submit to the head of Operations forgot to tell Amina to bring her monthly report, so she quickly rose from her seat to get it herself from Amina’s office.

“I forgot to tell you to get me your monthly report, I will be submitting everything to Mr. Oscar in the next 10minutes ..” Jumaima said to Amina.

“10 Minutes! .. I am not done with it yet .. just a little signing here and there …” Amina said as she flipped through the pages of the documents to sign and complete the calculations for the report.

Jumaima who was waiting for her impatiently saw Mr. Oscar’s wife heading straight to the company through the window.

“make that 5 seconds..” she said as she hurriedly took the documents from Amina.

“calm down nah .. at least allow me to put full stop” Amina said jokingly.

“the plan I told you about, it’s time .. ” Jumaima said as she walked out of the office.

“time for what? .. Amina asked in confusion. she looked around as she saw Amaka through the window. . she quickly ran to Jumaima’s office to stop her from making the biggest mistake of her life.

“pls tell me it’s not what i am thinking” Amina questioned .

“I don’t know what you are thinking but it looks like it is what it is” Jumaima said as she gathered some files ready to jump into Mr. Oscar’s office..

“as a good friend.. I want you to please stand close to the door and keep guard.. don’t allow anybody come into the office except Mr. Oscar’s wife. .. just in case the CEO walks in this direction.. fake a loud cough to alert me” She said as she walked out of her office heading straight to Mr. Oscar’s office.

“I am not supporting you in this!” Amina said but her friend was already inside Mr. Oscar’s office before she could finish the statement.

“Good Evening sir” Jumaima greeted in a seductive tune.

“Evening ..” Oscar replied as he looked up to notice that Jumaima has pulled her skirt up as usual.

“why is it that your skirt is short inside my office but longer outside my office” Oscar dropped the question but there was no response from Jumaima .. she only readjusted the skirt and made it even more shorter…

“you can drop the documents and leave” he replied ..

the Mistress of seduction walked to Oscar’s table. she dropped the documents and intentionally pushed it a little so it will scatter and fall over the floor. ..

“I am so sorry sir… ” she said as she hurriedly rushed to Oscar’s side of the table pretending to help him pick up the papers lying helplessly on the floor only to expose her brèã$t for Oscar to see.

Just as Oscar was about to get his eyes off the temptation, Jumaima immediately locked lips with him removing her shirt with immediate speed. .

Oscar pulled out immediately ..

“stop this .. pls stop it Jumaima .. you know I am a married man” Oscar replied . .

“I know but I can’t help it.. I love you sweetheart ..” Jumaima said in a babish tune as she grabbed Oscar in his third leg massaging it immensely. .

“see how hard you are down there, .. ” Jumaima said as she attempts to pull the lolipop out of it’s packet.

“please stop” Oscar said as he detached her hands from his third leg. .. Jumaima noticed some footsteps outside the office .. she quickly went in deep kiss with Oscar again..

Oscar who was trying to pull out couldn’t help but flow with the kiss.. truths be told.. Jumaima was too seductive..

Just then as Oscar was struggling to detach his lips from that of Jumaima .. Amaka walked in…

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