It's a Bloody Marriage

It’s a Bloody Marriage (E12)- Fire rekindled

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It’s a Bloody Marriage (E12)- Fire rekindled

Episode 12

Fire rekindled

Surprised and shocked… Amaka was emotionally unable to move.. . her eyes widened, her eyebrows lifted.. with a pale face and a stopping breath, she managed to speak.

“Os…ca .. r” Amaka said with a shaky voice. ..

“Amaka.. calm down’s not what you think” Oscar tried to plead with her…

Just then, she turned, looked as Oscar in disgust and left the office.

Oscar was troubled .. he didn’t know what to do at the moment .. if it’s to run after her or just sit and allow her temper cool.

“Babe.. just let her be.. let’s finish what we’ve started .” Jumaima said in a seductive tune drawing closer to rub Oscar’s chest .

“If you don’t leave this office now, I will break into pieces this laptop on your head.” Oscar warned as he attempts to lift the laptop ..

Immediately, Jumaima took to her heels.

Oscar rushed Amaka immediately.. if there is anything he needs right now.. it’s a diviner that will tell Amaka that what she saw wasn’t what it was. .

By the time Oscar reached downstairs, her wife was already in a public transport heading straight home. Oscar took to his keys, he immediately went after the vehicle Amaka was on to in his car.

It lead to the direction of their house.

Amaka saw Oscar coming so she rushed into the house and locked the door from inside.

“Common Amaka, let me in .. the neighbours are watching” Oscar cried out . .

“what you saw is not what it is .. you are misunderstanding the whole situation” Oscar continued.

Amaka opened the door to give her husband her peace of mind . ..

“Misunderstanding the whole situation right?.. you locked lips with that girl half n@ked .. your belts were off .. how am i supposed to UNDERSTAND THE SITUATION!” Amaka said raising her voice.

“She was forcing herself on me Amaka, it’s not what you think .. I would never cheat on you .. at least not with Jumaima” Oscar tried to explain.

“Here he goes again” Amaka signed . .

“I was pulling off from her temptation. She walked into the office with a mission to seduce me .. I tried to push her away but she was too persistent. I wanted to slap her and throw her out but that might not end up well as we two might end up loosing our jobs.”

“So you flowed with it” Amaka cuts in.

“No, I was only trying to get her off my body .. she was there, the next minute she was all over me .. I was trying to detach myself from her when you walked in” Oscar replied..

“I want to believe you right now .. trust me .. I really want to believe you.. but each time I do .. something like this comes up .. I am not a fool Oscar .. you keep cheating on me and each time I catch you red handed keep making up excuses . .” Amaka replied.

“It’s not an excuse Amaka, it’s the truth” Oscar replied.

Amaka ignored him and left to her room.


Minutes turned to hours, hours to days.. days to weeks.

It’s been two good weeks and Amaka is still giving Oscar the cold treatment. She has decided to starve him of $ex, attention, love and even food but not a day passed without Oscar begging her dear wife to forgive him.

While at work, There was a knock at the door of Oscar’s office. It was Jumaima.

“Good morning sir” She said.

“Keep the documents on the floor and leave” Oscar replied.

“I didn’t come to submit the documents sir .. I am still working on them” she replied.

“So?” Oscar replied in a rude manner.

“I came to apologize about the other week…”

Oscar cuts in.. “you have been forgiven .. leave already”

“Sir I know that what I did was wrong .. I have also come to confess” she replied .. .

“Confess what?” Oscar replied as he gave her a sign to close the door and move closer.

“After the day you helped me with the presentation, I fell in love with you. . yes I knew you were married but I didn’t care .. I wanted you and I was ready to do anything to have you ..”

Oscar cuts in “are you here to confess or prophesy love?” He questioned.

“I am the one that put the p@nt in your jacket” .. she replied ..

“I am so sorry about that sir .. I wanted to cause trouble with you and your wife so you’ld come to me. . I was so selfish that I didn’t realize I was hurting other people . I will appreciate it if you’d find a place in your heart to forgive me” she continued ..

Oscar was shocked .. he has taught Amaka was joking or trying to play pranks when she told him about the und!es. It’s now he realized how foolish Amaka must have looked when he was denying them.

“What about the other day .. did you plan that too on seeing my Wife* Oscar replied.

Jumaima was silent.

“Did you plan that too.. yes or no” Oscar repeated the question”

“Yes .. I am sorry sir .. ” she pleaded.

Oscar was so disappointed… for the first time in his life.. he wanted to strangle Jumaima to death but his self discipline held him back.

“You have been forgiven. can now use the door” Oscar said as he watched Jumaima leave the office with a long face

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