It's a Bloody Marriage

It’s a Bloody Marriage (E13)- Family battle

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It’s a Bloody Marriage (E13)- Family battle

Episode 13

Family battle

Oscar came back weak and tired .. it has been a very stressful day at work. The only thing he needs right now is a special treatment from his darling wife but looks like he is not going to get it tonight ..

He went to their room to kiss his wife who pushed him away.

“Y’ve been like this for two weeks now .. common .. you need a brake..” Oscar said .

“Not untill you tell me the truth” Amaka replied as she stood and walked towards the kitchen to dish the last remaining food in the pot for herself.

“Where’s mine .. ?” Oscar asked.

“Didn’t she give you food?” Amaka replied.

“And what is the meaning of that statement?” Oscar asked furious . . .

Amaka was silent, she simply looked at him in disgust and tried to walk away.

“If you make me start eating outside, it might be very hard to stop” Oscar warned.

“Just as cheating is hard to stop?” Amaka quotes.

“All I do is try to stay clean, avoid all these good looking women who will go extra miles to be in bed with me and I come back here to get this kind of judgement from you. . Amaka, you disgust me!” Oscar replied ..

Amaka made a loud laughter, “and you think you are the only hot person in the house .. do you know how many men that ask me out each and every day?.. do you know how many good looking solid and extremely rich guys that are ready to kill a cow for me if and only if I can say yes to being in a relationship with them.. let’s not talk about the ones that come here begging on their knees.. . If not for the fact that I still have a little amount of decency in me. .if not” Amaka bragged.

“What will happen. .. and if not what Amaka?” Oscar said with an angry tune.

“Let me not even catch any of them near you because that day, I would be calling off this marriage ..” Oscar threatened.

“Ha …haha . Call of the marriage? .. you think I am scared of that? .. call it off .. I am even tired .. today I find a p@nt in your suit, the other day you are coming home late, the other day, I will jam you making out with someone .. Ahhhh! .. you self Oscar, are you not tired of this marriage??.. pls call It off .. ” Amaka pleads.

“Jumaima came by the office today, to confess to me . .she said she was responsible for all of that .. she was Jealous you had me so she wanted to steal me away from you and the only way to do it is to break our home” Oscar revealed. ..

Amaka pretended to have interest in what he was saying ..

“The p@nt, the thing you saw when you entered the office, it was all her plan .. she planed it all ok . .I will never do such to you. . even if we have had so many ups and downs in the past ok.. ” Oscar replied..

Amaka quickly burst into laughter .. “you know one thing I like about you is that you are capable of twisting and making your lies look so real.” Amaka compliments.

“If you don’t believe me, you can ask Jumaima yourself. .” Oscar replied.

“How much have you paid her? .. do you think I will fall for your lies again? ” Amaka replied.

“You know what, you can belief whatever it is you want to believe, I’m off to bed ” Oscar said as he advanced to go to the bedroom

“You don’t have to care till I bring the divorce papers .. cheating bloody soul from hell” Amaka said rudly to Oscar .

“what did you just say? .. Oscar questioned as he turns so his eyes could meet with that of Amaka.

“Cheating bloody soul from he….” Amaka tried to complete the sentence as she received a heavy slap . The slap was too heavy and unexpected that it made Amaka stangner like a drunk man.. the little stool beside her helped her reach the floor. ”

“One more nonsense from you again and I will mecilessly deal with you here and now” Oscar said still raising his voice.

It was then he noticed blood and a watery substance coming out in-between Amaka’s legs.. he quickly rushed her to the hospital that night only to receive the shock of his life.

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