It's a Bloody Marriage

It’s a Bloody Marriage (E14)- What have I done

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It’s a Bloody Marriage (E14)- What have I done 

Episode 14

What have I done?

“Doctor!.. doctor .. please how is my wife” Oscar asked on seeing the doctor. 

“Mr. Olatunji, can I see you in my office?” the doctor requested

“Sure” Oscar replied as the doctor  lead the way to his Office. He offered Oscar a seat. 

“Nice to have you here Mr. Olatunji, I called you into my office just to have a word with you, but before that, let me ask again.. what exactly did you say happened to your wife?” The doctor asked. 

The question was heavy for Oscar, he was afraid the doctor would see him as a woman beater if he airs the truth. 

“She…Sh.   she slipped and fell” Oscar lied. 

The doctor looked at him in disbelief, then he started. 

“Mr. Olatunji, you know that all I want to know is exactly what happened so I will know where and what treatments to give .. so now, I need noting and noting but the truth.” the doctor clarified. 

“Ok doctor, I will tell you the truth. I slapped her .. we had an argument, she pushed me to the wall. I slapped her and now I am regretting it” Oscar said as he broke into tears. 

“Have this” the doctor said as he hands a white handkerchief to Oscar. 

“Beating your wife is a serious abuse Mr. Olatunji, it can cause a lot of complications especially in her state of health”

“I know doctor,  yesterday was the first time I have ever laid my hands on her, please how is she?.. is she fine?” Oscar questioned. 

“Your wife is fine Mr. Olatunji..” the doctor said as Oscar expressed a sign of relief. 

the  doctor waved his head ” but I am sorry we lost the baby”  he dropped the bumbshell

“Baby?.. what baby.  Was she pregnant?” Oscar questioned in confusion.

“Yes Mr. Olatunji, your wife was four weeks pregnant”  the Doctor confirmed. 

The words of the doctor were like  pestels pounding right into Oscar’s heart. He was in shock. 

With a heavy and pained heart, His mood automatically switched from relieved to sympathy and now anger. He was very upset that he stormed out of the hospital without waiting for what the doctor had to say next. Even when the doctor was calling out his name, he ignored and moved even faster. 

He was about to enter his car when Fred stopped him. Fred saw his mood and optioned to drive the car. They drove to the bar where Oscar made himself drunk with alcohol. 

“It’s ok man, take heart and be a man. What has happened has happened .. the next thing to do is to go and apologise to that lovely lady in the hospital.” Fred advised. 

“She will never forgive me” Oscar said. 

“She will, with time” Fred replied

“I know Amaka very well, she is going to use this to torment my life .. she won’t forgive me . God! .. what have I done?” Oscar said as he emptied another glass of well concentrated alcoholic drink. 

“God! Can you stop taking that” Fred said as he moved the remaining drinks from the table to the floor

“You are all soaked up man” Fred continued. 

“Four weeks pregnant and she didn’t tell me about it .. why are women so bitter” Oscar asked Fred. 

“ no man, don’t look at it from that aspect .. it’s ok .. like I said, what has happened has happened .. the best thing to do now is to move on, let’s go home so you’ld get some rest, then pay your wife a visit.” Fred said as he rose to help Oscar who was drúnk walk to the car.

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