It's a Bloody Marriage

It’s a Bloody Marriage (E15) – The Divorce

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It’s a Bloody Marriage (E15) – The Divorce

Episode 15

The Divorce

24 hours later, Oscar has cleared every bill placed on him by the hospital, his wife was discharged ready to go home. But ever since she recovered, she has chosen not to see Oscar’s face, not even his shadow. 

“We have to go now, I have cleared all bills and the doctor said you have been discharged” Oscar said as he walked into the room where Amaka was laid. 

“And who gave you permission to enter this room murd£rer” Amaka fired.

Oscar was silent. 

“I am not going anywhere with you, I have called my parents, they are coming to pick me up from here so you can go back to that pit hole you call a house. My sister will be coming to get my stuff by tomorrow morning, please allow her take everything.  Also get ready for my lawyer, he will be coming with some documents that needs your signature” Amaka replied as she turned to the other side of the bed. 

“Shut the door when you leave” she ordered trying to fake a sleep.

“I have pleaded with you times without number but you have gone deaf, you pushed me to the wall that night” Oscar replied. 

“By the way, you were pregnant for four weeks and you couldn’t even tell me, why are you so bitter?” Oscar questioned. 

“All accusations you laid on me were false, and God knows I am telling the truth, but so just you know, if I sight any lawyer coming close to my house with any document…” 

Amaka cuts in 

“You will do what? … Chase him away?… Pour water on him?  .. or maybe kill him too just as you killed my baby” 

“I will gladly sign the documents…” Oscar dropped the bombshell, then he left.

In Amaka’s face was a sign of shock, the words of Oscar were still ringing in her ear. 

Not very long after Oscar left, Amaka’s parents came to take her home. 

// In Amaka’s parent’s house, the following conversation ensured between Amaka and her mum. 

Amaka’s mum: you have to take it easy on him my dear daughter, I understand your pains and…

Amaka cuts in..

“There is noting to understand mum, That man treats me like a nobody .. he cheats on me, even when I catch him red handed, he would still look for an excuse .. like mum, he is a professional lier” Amaka blows hot. 

Amaka’s mum: how did you know he cheats on you? Because he came here a week ago telling me how he has been begging you for a crime he didn’t commit. The lady you saw at the office wanted to break your home because she was jealous of you. She was only putting up a play and you fell for it. 

Amaka: thats a lie mum, what he has told you is a complete cover up. He is a good lier.

Amaka’s mum: why are you trying to allow your insecurity destroy your home my dear. You need to stop this and start trusting your husband. I am a woman, and I know when a man is lying and when he is being sincere. Your husband is a good man. 

// Amaka’s sister interrupted the conversation as she came to inform Amaka that she is off to get her things at Oscar’s house. 

Amaka’s mum: (to Amaka) And what is the meaning of that? .. why will you send her to go and get your things when you are going back to your husband’s house tomorrow? 

// The question was surprising to Amaka.. 

“Tomorrow?” She questioned 

“Yes you heard me, tomorrow” Amaka’s mum repeats herself. 

“No mum, I am not going back tomorrow and I will not go back again. I refuse to remain married to a man that kil!ed my baby” Amaka declares. 

Her mum was enranged, she was surprised of who her daughter has turned into.. disappointment and anger was written all over her, she stood from the sofa to make her daughter understand what she is about to say properly. 

“What did you expect him to do when you open your mouth flying all manners of disrespectful words at your husband, accusing him of a crime he did not commit, if I were in his shoes, I won’t just slap you but I would beat the hel! out of you” Amaka’s mum hits hard. 

“The slap is not my problem mum, but the fact that he killed the baby in my womb” Amaka defends herself. 

“If you had forgave him earlier and told him about the baby, he won’t have done that .. so know this, Oscar did not kill your baby but you did.. you hid such an important news from him for three good weeks. What did the young man do to  deserve such bitterness from you.?” Amaka’s mum said on top of her voice.

Just then, a knock came on the door.. Amaka’s sister rushed to open the door. 

“How could you even say such mum, .. by the way .. my lawyer should be on the way by now to Oscar’s apartment .. this divorce is going to happen, with or without your concent” Amaka said.. 

In Anger, Her mum raised her hand to slap her but stoped at the voice of Oscar. 

“Good evening mama” Oscar greeted politely. 

“Good evening my son, please have a sit” She said as she offered her inlaw a seat. 

“No need for that mama, .. I saw Mr. Badmus being the lawyer Amaka sent  to my house  few minutes ago, he gave me some documents to sign which I was about to sign till I saw something I don’t like in the agreement, I called for my Lawyer and we came up with some legal terms which Mr. Badmus said he would like Amaka here to see before approving it.”  Oscar said as he handed some documents enclosed in an envelope to Amaka.

Amaka quickly opened the documents to see what was inside. 

“Divorce papers?, You could have just signed that one other than wasting your time getting a new one” Amaka said as she glanced over the papers. 

“Pls sign it immediately, I have an urgent meeting to attend to” Oscar replied. 

Meanwhile, Amaka’s mum was shocked at the recent development happening before her very eyes. 

“Calm down Mr. Man, let me read t… wha…aaat?.. no splitting of properties or money? Who does that?”  Amaka blows hot. 

“I won’t sign this, how can I not get compensated in a divorce when you are the one at fault.. .There has to be an equal share of wealth, that is how it is done every where” Amaka complains.  

“Just if you forget, let me remind you that what we did was a white wedding and a customary/Traditional wedding..  white wedding forbids divorce while in a customary wedding, the wife has no right whatsoever to demand for a share in wealth during divorce.. so Amaka, I wonder where those rights of yours are coming from” Oscar states. 

“You are such a heart!ess dévil” Amaka released another dirty word. 

“I am not here to bath words with you, sign the documents, my lawyer will be here to get them this evening, Have a nice day” Oscar said as he takes his leave. 

Amaka wanted to call him names but her mum stopped her with a resounding slap.  Then, she rushes to have a word with her inlaw. 

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