It's a Bloody Marriage

It’s a Bloody Marriage (E16)- A word with Jumaima

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It’s a Bloody Marriage (E16)- A word with Jumaima


A Word with Jumaima

7 hours later, Amaka got a call on her phone, it was Jumaima.

“Good evening Ma, it’s Jumaima.. the lady from your husband’s Office” She said.

“What do you want this time prost!tute and who gave you my number?” Amaka asked in a harsh tune.

“All I want is your time ma. I have something to confess to you about your husband.. and it’s not something that will be discussed over the phone.. can we meet?” Jumaima requested in her most Angelic tune.

“Humm, ok, but I am chosing the venue and time.. who knows, you might want to kîdnap and kîll me so you can take full control of my husband” Amaka dropped another.

“No problem ma, thank you” Jumaima thanked her.

“John’s Restaurant and Bar, time is Now, I will be there in the next 15 minutes, don’t keep me waiting”Amaka said as she ended the call.

“Why will she even want to meet me and what is this special thing she wants to talk to me about that can’t be said over the phone” Amaka wondered.

“Wait, could it be that she is pregnant for Michael or maybe they even have a child together !! ” Amaka was still in her taughts .. when she screemed out.

“No way! .. Michael can’t do that to me” she assured herself as she sluggishly went to her room to change into something decent, then she left to the venue.

She was surprised to see Jumaima already seated waiting for her at the bar though she was 10minutes late.

“Good evening Ma” Jumaima greated politely.

“What is so good about the evening?..” Amaka asked with a look of disgust.

“Go straight to the point” she ordered.

Just then, the bar attendant interrupted the conversation with the food menu. Amaka ordered something light for herself, Jumaima also ordered too and decided to pay the bills.

“I will pay with my card later” she said as the bar Attendant left with there orders to get them what they’ve ordered for.

Jumaima clears her throat, then she started.

“I heard what happened, about the baby.. I am so sorry for your loss ma” Jumaima sympathized

Amaka was silent.

“I called you here because I wanted us to discuss as women and I also want to ask for your forgiveness. What you saw at the office the other day wasn’t real” Jumaima continued …

“Your husband and I have absolutely noting for each other except the fact that I work in the same company with him, .. you know, As a good looking woman, I have always admired your husband.. he is cute, good looking, neat, Intelligent, smart and also rich.. unlike any other guy I have ever been with, there was something special about him that made me envy you”

Amaka was short of words .. she just sat and watched Jumaima speak.

“I liked your husband so much that I began to envy you.. But the fact that he was not even noticing me or any other woman despite all efforts I make to break him troubled me. .. I know that you might see me as the devil after this conversation, but all I need is your forgiveness” she reminded.

“I tried to sedüce him but your husband was not even noticing me.. I was so eager to have him that I taught the only solution is to break your home. To cut the long stories short, what you saw at the office that day was exactly what I wanted you to see.. I had gone to his office a day before but he threatened to fire me if I ever pull such act again..” Jumaima said.

“And you did it again .. why didn’t he fire you?” Amaka questioned.

“I was recently promoted at that time so he no longer has the right to fire me. When I saw you coming to the office, I seized that as an opportunity to destroy your marriage. .. when I laid my hands on him in seduct!on, the first thing he said was ‘stop it, I am a married man’. .. he respects you so much that even when you starve him of s£x, he wasn’t going to get it ealse where even if offered for free by a beautiful and clean lady like me.. I was shocked . .. all through my life, no man has ever said no to me. The fact that he rejected me even made me l0ve him more. He resisted me, .. when I noticed you were close to the door, I quickly grabbed his third leg and gave him a deep kiss.. but he even pushed me away even before you opened the door.”

“Jesus Christ!” Amaka responded in shock.

“Ever since, my mind has not been at peace, .. I broke your home and the guilt was hunting me .. It became unbearable when I heard of your loss . ..I was so miserable.. that is why I have called you today to say I am sorry”

“Your husband is a good man Amaka, if there is anyone to punish, punish me instead.. ” Jumaima said as she broke into tears.

Amaka was still processing the whole thing in her head. … Jumaima knelt down trying to plead with Amaka but she told her that she has been forgiven.

Just then, the news from the Television grabbed the attention of Amaka. .she quickly asked the bar man to tune the volume.

“…at the uncompleted building, body of the lady which was Identified to be Stacy Ayomide, Daughter of the popular lawyer Mr. Chris Ayomide was found just yesterday six feets under the soil of the construction site. .. the building has been abandoned for years but was said to have been sold to a new owner who would like to build on it.. however, contractors who were preparing the ground for foundation dug up …”

“Jesus Christ!” Amaka exclaimed in shock.. she was cold and shivering . .scared .. it’s was as if her ugly past has been dugged up. She was restless with her heart beating so fast and mouth wide open.. she ran out of the bar without saying a word to Jumaima.

She ran straight to Oscar’s house, good thing Oscar was at home..

“Why are you running like you are being chased by a lion?” Oscar questioned..

“Are you here to hand over the divorce papers to me yourself?” He continued.

“Haven’t you seen the news?” Amaka asked .

“What news? .. Oscar questioned . ”

“They found her .. Stacy .. they found her and it’s all over the news” Amaka breaks the gist .

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