It's a Bloody Marriage

It’s a Bloody Marriage (E17)- Not even the Devil Himself

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It’s a Bloody Marriage (E17)- Not even the Devil Himself

Episode 17 

Not even the Devil Himself! 

//At the Lab

Mr. Chris Ayomide was seen walking into the Science laboratory with a group of well armed police men and a detective to get the Autopsy result from the forensic scientist.  

“We have completed the Autopsy sir, here are the results” The scientist said as he hands over some papers in a file to Mr. Ayomide. 

Curious to know what is inside, Mr. Ayomide destroyed the file just to extract the results from it. 

While Mr. Ayomide was ripping the two edges of the file apart to see the content of the result, the scientist started. 

“From the results, your daughter was murdered in cold blo0d, she has been dëad for four months and ten days now” The scientist explained. 

“Jesus Christ! That was even before she was declared missing” The father said in anger ..

“Looking at the woünd, a Sharp object penetrated her right chest” 

“Was she stābbed?” Mr. Ayomide questioned.

“Not at all, it was a slight wøund with no rough surfaces, I think someone threw a Sharp object on her, judging from the objects, only a very sharp kitchen knife can make such clean cuts”  The scientist explained. 

“That means she died at home or in someone’s house. Stacy lived alone so there is no way it would be her house because there was a third party to throw the knife” Detective Smith added. 

“The wound was so deep that it cut the main vein connecting directly to the heart.. this made her die instantly” the Scientist continued.

“My God!” Mr. Ayomide exclaimed. 

“Is there any other thing you got sir, the bed sheets.. did you manage to get any finger print or something” Detective Smith inquired. 

“I am sorry no, prints on the sheets are corrupted, so it’s practically impossible to tell.  it’s been four Months” The scientist replied. 

“Ok, ..thanks a lot .. you can send me your account number for the bills” Mr. Ayomide said to the Scientist. 

“Detective Smith” he turns to the detective. 

“Yes Sir” the detective responded. 

“I don’t know how you are going to do this or where you are going to start from but I need the killers of my daughter brought to face the wrat of the law” Mr. Ayomide ordered. 

“My daughter cannot be lying six feets under the ground while her killers roam the city freely .. I need you and your men to go on strict investigation. Her friends, enemies, neighbours, coursemates and every other person that has ever set their eyes on my daughter are suspects, I need statements from each and everyone of them” Mr. Ayomide instructed with an angry tune. 

“Ok sir” Detective Smith responded in affirmation

“I will do everything humanly possible, I will go to any length and I will take all cost or risk just to make sure my Daughter gets the Justice she deserves. Nobody messes with the Ayomide’s family and go Scot free.. nobody ! .. not even the DEVIL HIMSELF” Mr. Ayomide blows hot.

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