It's a Bloody Marriage

It’s a Bloody Marriage (E18)- When Trouble Calls

Romance 💕 Action Adventure

It’s a Bloody Marriage (E18)- When Trouble Calls

Episode 18

When Trouble calls

As a way to settle the danger at hand, Amaka has moved back in with her husband.. the taughts of divorce flee  just as darkness runs from the light. 

It’s been 7hours already since news of Stacy came live on TV. What will the couples do to make sure they are not gassed?. 

Amaka who was still pacing around the house was as scared as a rat about to be eaten by a cat. 

“What if they find out?” She asked her husband .. 

Oscar took a deep breath and remained calm, he then stood to get a glass of water… .. 

“I did the ki!ling, I will definitely go to jail for this .. oh my God! .. but I can’t go to jail” Amaka continued 

“It’s fine Amaka, all we need to do now is chill.. we are in this together not just you .. and since nobody saw us that night, that means nobody knows that we were the one that k!lled her” Oscar replied. 

“I know dear, ..but her father is a Lawye eeee.eerrr”! .. Amaka stressed. 

“And so?.. the best thing to do now at this moment is to keep our mouths shut till the case dies off, . .not a word about this to anyone, not even your mum, friend or anybody” Oscar warned. 

“Ok ..”  Amaka said with a shaky voice. 

Just then, a knock was heard on the door.

“Who is it?” The couples asked simultaneously. 

“It’s me, your neighbor” 

“Which neighbor?” The couples asked again in unison

*Mrs. Nwauba” lady at the door replied. 

“Mrs Nwauba??” Amaka said in shock. 

“That lady is a d£vil, what is she doing here?” Amaka said to just the hearing of her husband. 

“Just calm down and relax” Oscar replied. 

” She always comes at a negative hour ..why?” Amaka continued. 

“Just calm down and pretend like noting happened. You don’t know about Stacy and you have not seen the news. You don’t have to give her any reason to suspect us” Oscar said as left to get the door. 

He came back and removed some of his clothes, wearing just his trouser and singlet, he quickly notified Amaka to undress a little. 

“Good Evening Mrs. Nwauba” Oscar greeted politely. 

“Good Evening Oscar.. may I ?” She said pointing towards the door. 

“Yes yes, please come in..”  Oscar said as he opened the door to Mrs. Nwauba and her son.

“You guys sounded tensed when I knocked.. ” Mrs. Nwauba started but Oscar cuts in. 

“Oh! . .. my wife and I were just having a nap in the room, it’s an odd hours for anyone to visit us, so we were not expecting anybody.” Oscar clears the air. 

“Oh.. I see” Mrs. Nwauba said as she started. 

“You two look so cute together” she complemented as she walked to have a seat in the sitting room. 

“Awnn . .. thanks for that Mrs. Nwauba.” Amaka said as she walked in to spread her hands round her husband’s broad shoulders, massaging his chest that his nipp!es went strong. 

“You are welcomed” .. Mrs Nwauba replied. .

“Haven’t you seen the news?” Mrs. Nwauba asked.

“News? .. what news?” Oscar asked pretending to be curious

“You mean you have not seen the news?.. it’s on every station, even on social media” Mrs. Nwauba continued. 

“What about the news?, You know my husband and I have been in the room all day spending a good time with each other” Amaka replied. 

“Oh.. ok …” she said. 

“It’s about Stacy, her body was found buried close to a construction site” Mrs. Nwauba clears the air. 

“J£sus chr!st ! .. what happened?” Amaka asked curiously

A conversation ensured between the three parties while Mrs. Nwauba’s son continues to play with his camera. 

Still in the discussion, the boy was still playing with the camera till  it left his hands to the ground. 

Amaka went to pick the camera when pictures of the crime scene and images of them taking Stacy’s body out the house and into the car  flashed her eyes. She could not believe what she has just seen. Just then, the boy started crying and requesting for his camera back .

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