It's a Bloody Marriage

It’s a Bloody Marriage (E19)- The Camera

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It’s a Bloody Marriage (E19)- The Camera

Episode 19

The camera

“Oh my God.. this is such a lovely camera” Amaka complimented pretending to like the camera. 

The boy was still crying, .. infact, the cry was increased to it’s highest level.

“Yes I know,  just give him the Camera” Mrs. Nwauba ordered. 

“Oh.. it’s that why he’s crying? .. here’s your camera little baby boy” Amaka said in a childish tone to make the boy stop crying as she gently tried to hand over the camera to him. 

“This reminds me of my earlier years, when I was still of his age.. I used to love the camera so much .. but you know, as I was growing . The camera I used to have got spoilt and never replaced ..” Amaka tells a story of hers that never happened.

“Chaii.. that must have felt really bad, my son here would cry a river if anything happens to his camera” Mrs. Nwauba replied as they laughed out loud. 

Oscar was still confused.. he taught he knew his wife well, how come he doesn’t know about her love for camera? .. .he would ask himself. 

“I feel so alive holding this camera now.. like God! .. it’s been more than 15years now… I really missed my camera” Amaka said in pretense. 

Mrs Nwauba laughed out loud.. 

“I don’t know if you can please ask your son on my behalf, I want the two of us to go outside and play with the camera.. after all these years .. I really want to know if I can still capture good scenes on my own” Amaka pleads. 

“Ok, ok…. (Chuckles) I know that feeling” Mrs. Nwauba said as she pet calls his son and pleads that he allow Amaka to play with him at the backyard. 

The son agreed and without wasting time, Amaka fled off with the boy heading straight to the backyard. 

Just then, a call came in at Mrs. Nwauba’s phone, it was a friend of hers she invited over to her place. She quickly called out to her son. 

“I am so sorry Amaka, we have to go now, a friend of mine just came over with her daughter.. I had invited her before coming over to check on you guys” Mrs Nwauba explained. .

“Oh no, not now” Amaka said with a sad babish tune. 

“Don’t worry.. next time ok” Mrs. Nwauba replied as she rose to take her leave. 

“Ok, have a nice day ma” Oscar replied. 

Just when Mrs. Nwauba left the house, Oscar turned to his wife. 

“And what was that all about? .. since when did you suddenly start growing such love and affection for camera?” Oscar questioned. 

“We are in trouble dear.. a serious one” Amaka replied ..” 

“And what kind of trouble could we possibly be in with a 6years old boy’s camera?” Oscar fires. 

“Pictures …the pictures are there . .. in the camera” Amaka said stammering.

“What pictures? .. come on, a camera. Is ment to have pictures,is it not?” Oscar replied with a question. 

“Not just ordinary pictures dear .. the boy has pictures of us moving the body to the car” Amaka drops the bombshell. 

Oscar was shocked .. he instantly went dumb as goosebumps from nowhere  covered his entire skin. 

“How on earth is that even possible?” Oscar asked.. 

Just then, Police siren was heard. .

Amaka rushed to peep through the window only to see a detective accompanied by two armed  police men walk out of their car as they head to Mrs. Nwauba’s Apartment. 

“Oh my God . . I think they are here for investigation” Amaka said. .

“No, no no no no… ” Oscar exclaimed.

“The pictures, did you delete them when you had the camera in your possession” Oscar asked.

“No.. the boy won’t let me press a thing” Amaka replied.  

“why didn’t you destroy it?, You could have smashed the camera” Oscar explodes. 

“Mrs. Nwauba was watching.. I can’t possibly smash her son’s camera in front of her” Amaka defended. 

“No.. this can’t be happening.. so you are telling me now, that the boy is with the camera, and the camera has pictures of us .. ” 

“Yes” .

“And now, a detective with some set of police men are currently going to investigate this same house” 

“Yes dear . ..I don’t know what to do. . maybe we should park and run away before the police gets hold of that picture” Amaka replied with pressure in her head…

To be Continued…

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