It’s a Bloody Marriage (E2)- Questioning

It's a Bloody Marriage

It’s a Bloody Marriage (E2)- Questioning

Episode 2


Oscar left the bar to his car at a late hour as he drove straight home. The young man had a switch of mood when he came back to meet a lonely quite house. “Finally, the tigress has gone to bed” he said to himself.

He quickly tip toed into the house to meet a figure at akimbo.

“And where the hell are you coming from?” Amaka asked raising her voice.

Oscar ignored her but Amaka is not the type that will take silence for an answer. She pulled him back from his trouser and repeated the question.

“What sort of nonsense is this? Is this the way your mum taught you to welcome your husband after a long busy day at work” … Gabriel lashed out.

“I would have been more welcoming if you had been sensible enough to know the right time to be at home” Amaka gesticulated

“So you will now be the one to tell me when and when not to come back to my own house !” Oscar asked.

“If that is what it looks like” Amaka replied..

“As what nah … No wait, Amaka as what ?? .. Alpha Female? You better carry your over soft face to the bed before I tear it with slap” Oscar warned with anger written all over him.

“Come to think that you would stoop so low to even have something to do with that next door girl” Amaka finally spits her problems.

“You must tell me where you are coming from today or …” Amaka threatened ..

“Or what … Or what Amaka?” Oscar challenged

Amaka was silent as she stubbornly left the sitting room to the bedroom. Oscar walked straight to the shower to get a cold bath. He later made his way to the kitchen to serve himself the delicacy his wife prepared. He was not going to tell her to serve him, else there would be another drama.

Amaka happens to be the lucky lady that stole the attention of Oscar. Oscar on the other hand has everything a lady would ever dream of, a good definition of a “Yoruba Demon” just that Oscar is not a womanizer neither is he a playboy. He barely has time for such.

Oscar is a dark tall handsome young man with thick muscles, he is a high class business man with investments in major fields in Nigeria. Being successful and attractive were not the only qualities this young man has, responsibility was his other name. when it comes to self-development rating, Oscar is over developed. Some ladies described him as the perfect man, but our little tigress here doesn’t seem to buy that idea.

Show me and Igbo girl and I will beat my chest to tell you that complains, nagging, blame, pretense and jealousy is not far away. Amaka happens to be an Anambra Beauty. Her smile alone would melt an angry heart. No wonder Oscar even with his very busy schedule happened to spot, notice and immediately tie the nots with Amaka. But it’s been just two months after the marriage and it looks like the ship is subsiding. What could have caused this?…after all, it’s a bloody marriage.

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  1. Sighs. Amaka should take it easy. She needs to be calm and patient with him. Men also pass through emotional trauma….

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