It’s a Bloody Marriage (E3)- Greetings from the Neighbor

It's a Bloody Marriage

It’s a Bloody Marriage (E3)- Greetings from the Neighbor

Episode 3

Greetings from the neighbor

It’s early Thursday morning and it’s getting quite late for a serious minded business man like Mr. Olatunji. Funny enough, the serious minded business man happened to be dozing off his life in the big soft bed. A hand tapped him two times in the leg and calling out his name in a more romantic way.

“Os..carrr, my Angel food is ready” Amaka called out to her husband as she tried to serve him breakfast in bed.

Mr. Olatunji reacted to the romantic call with a blush on his face. “breakfast in bed.. hum” He said with excitement as he sets himself in the right position to consume the food.

“I want to use this means to apologize about the way I spoke to you yesterday night, I think I over reacted” She said as she watched her husband take the first bite of the food.

“Of cos you over reacted, if not for this super delicious food I am eating now, I would have designed you this morning with one of Mama Nkechi’s cane” Oscar said jokingly.

“Ahh.. that is a very big cain.. lol” She said as they laughed out loud.

“Good thing I know the key to your heart” She replied with a cute smile. Just then, Oscar’s phone rang.

“it’s my secretary, one minute please” he said to Amaka as he switched over to his phone.

“Morning Tobi, how are you?” he replied the voice on the phone.

“Oh my God!, is that today? … by what time please” he asked anxiously.

“8 O’clock and you are just telling me now?” he replied his secretary over the phone.

“Ok, ok.. that’s fine, just get the documents ready, once I get to the office, we will be leaving together” he said as he ended the call.

“Sweet heart, who was that? Amaka asked.

“it’s Tobi my secretary, he called to inform me about an urgent meeting with one of my clients, I have to rush now hun, I can’t believe this boy is just telling me about this now, meeting is by 8 O’clock and this is 7:45” Oscar said as he dropped his phone and rushed to take a quick shower.

He was in a hurry, he quickly dressed up, picked up his car keys and ready to zoom off.

“Won’t you even finish up the food, you still have like five minutes left” Amaka said trying to lure her husband back to her well prepared delicacy.

“I will take that when I am back, I really appreciate your efforts” he said about to leave the house.

“ok, wait let me dish you some food in the flask, you would be hungry after the meeting, you can use that to calm your tummy” Amaka optioned.

“uhmm, that would be very nice, but I don’t think I can wait for it, don’t worry, I will just get something from the eatery beside the office after the meeting” He said as he opened the door about to leave.

“but you … “

Oscar cuts in “Good buy honey, I love you” he said as he walked out of the house heading to his car.

“Good morning Mr. Olatunji, I was just coming over to your apartment but it looks like you are in a hurry to somewhere” Their neighbor Stacy said.

“yes, Stacy, I am running late for an urgent meeting” Oscar replied.

“ok then, here is something I brought for you, I was cooking and mistakenly made over, I am the only one at home and I realized I won’t be able to finish it, so I decide to bring some and to also say thank you for driving me home last night” Stacy said as she tried to hand the well packaged food to Oscar.

“Umm… ok, you can keep it in the car, thank you very much, that was so kind of you” Oscar replied as he opened the doors of his car. He went into it and drove off. Stacy waved Goodbye at him only to look back to see the evil eyes of Amaka rolling at her from head to toe. Amaka was enraged.

“he refused my food and accepted the food of this evil lady that calls herself a neighbor, husband snatchers.. I pity Oscar shaa.. he will go and return to meet me in this house” She said to herself.

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