It's a Bloody Marriage

It’s a Bloody Marriage (E4)- Salon a place of Gossip

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It’s a Bloody Marriage (E4)- Salon a place of Gossip

Episode 4

Salon a place of Gossip

Later in the day, Amaka was seen in the streets of Lagos heading to a popular hair saloon to make her hair. She walked into the saloon just to meet an old friend of hers. It was her coursemate back in those days during her university education. They exchanged pleasantries as Amaka dragged a chair along so she could seat close to her friend. The hair stylist who was attending to her friend ordered one of her workers to take care of Amaka’s hair.

“Chioma nwa, Chomzy baby .. you are looking all sexy and plumpy.. see as you fresh like today’s bread” Amaka teased.

“.. (chuckles) thank you dear, you are not looking bad either.. the last time I saw you, you were slim like a bone of fish .. but now.. Ah ah .. Everywhere full” Chioma teased back.

“Oh .. please lol . I was not that slim you know” Amaka defended.

“You were oh were one very tiny thing .. lol .. I know you must have a boyfriend now .. someone must be behind this magical transformation.” Chioma replied.
Amaka laughed out loud .. then she said ” boyfriend Kwa .. lol .. I have gone past that level .. I am married” Amaka replied.

“Oh my God! .. I am so happy for you girl, when did this happen?” Chioma asked

“Just Last two months .. I would have informed you but I lost your number.. you left like a ghost girl, no call no message ..” Amaka complained.

“Omor .. it’s complicated ohh .. I was passing through a lot then but now it’s fine” Chioma replied.

“What exactly was the problem .. common .. don’t tell me it’s complicated ohh . We are friends and we share our problems with one another.. so you better start talking” Amaka reminded her.

“LoL .. like you are going to beat me if I don’t talk” Chioma asked trying to claim strong.

“I will oh .. I definitely will” Amaka replied as they laughed out loud.
“Well, that was my past though .. you remember Michael right, that my copper boyfriend then” she asked.

“Michael.. Michael.. yes Michael . I remember him .. your one and only .. till today I still can’t believe you fought Nancy over that guy” Amaka replied.
“LoL. . That stupid girl” Chioma said as they laughed out loud .. then she continued.

“During the exam, I discovered that I was pregnant for Michael .. I told him about it but he kept telling me to abort the baby. .. I had to tell my parents . .. to cut the long story short .. my parents forced Michael to get married to me which he did but now .. we are happily divorced” she replied.
“Oh my God! passed through all of this and you kept it all to yourself?” Amaka questioned ..

“I am so sorry girl .. ” she empatised ..
“So why did you two divorce after getting married .. like you loved this guy then and he loves you too .. the two of you were perfect for each other. Why did you divorce even after getting married” Amaka asked curiously.

” We found out that we are not compatible enough. Like, the guy was cheating on me with the landlord’s daughter. My sister you see ehh.. in this thing called marriage.. you need to be very careful because the person you trust so much might be the one ready to do anything to snatch your husband away from you. .. I trusted the landlord’s daughter .. like we were best of friends but what did I get in return? .. After everything I did for that girl and her wretched father that parades himself as landlord” Chioma narrated.

“My sister, the thing tire me ohh .. I am so sorry about your failed marriage. Like all these small girls carrying themselves about . .. tiny tiny creatures that just developed flesh.. they will be flying up and down looking for married men to sedu¢e, I block my husband’s eyes in the name of Jesus!” Amaka unleashed her praying skills.

“Ah ah .. calm down ooh .. this is a hair salon not a ministry” Chioma reminded her.

“Come to think that there is this girl in our house.. our neighbour .. she has been trying her best to snatch my husband from me..can you even believe that my husband rejected my food this morning and accepted the food of that idiot” Esther revealed.

“Ehh! .. what did I just hear you say?.. this is the height of it Amaka .. you must take charge of your home before she succeeds .. you need to make sure she doesn’t do that again .. even if it means confronting her and giving her a serious warning” Chioma replied..

“Don’t even allow your husband sleep this night till he apologies 10 times to you .. do you even know what that means .. he rejected your food for your neighbors food .. heyy .. Amaka . I don’t know but I sense danger” she continued.

Amaka was motivated to terrorize the house today when her husband comes back from work after getting advice from her dear friend Chioma. –Peace can never be an option

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