It's a Bloody Marriage

It’s a Bloody Marriage (E5)- Peace can never be an option

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It’s a Bloody Marriage (E5)- Peace can never be an option

Episode 5

Peace can never be an option

Amaka stayed late at the salon carried away by the stories her friend Chioma was feeding her with, before she could get back to her senses, it was already 9:O’clock pm at night. She rushed home only to meet Stacy in bed with her husband Oscar half naked.

“Oscar!…… “ She screemed in shock.

“Amaka, calm down, it’s not what you think” Oscar said in just his tight pants and a shirtless wet skin.

Amaka quickly left the room to the sitting room. But Oscar ran after her.

“You are misunderstanding the entire situation Amaka, it’s not what you think… just let me explain” Oscar replied.

“Explain What! . .” Amaka lashed out.

“which excuse do you want to cook up for what I just saw, she is lying on our matrimonial bed Oscar! .. and you were half naked standing right infront of her … like you were actually having an extra marital affar?? .. I taught I was just being insecure, little did I know that my judgements were actually true” Amaka said angrily as she reached out to a knife in the kitchen.

“Amaka just calm down, she was drunk, I saw her on my way back, she was drunk and defenceless .. I had to drive her home” Oscar tried to explain as fast as he could.

“and after driving her home, you forgot the way to her apartment that you brought her here?” Amaka questioned.

“she is living alone Amaka, I can’t just take her to her apartment and leave her there, she is drunk, I can’t just leave her like that inside, what if she harms herself?” Oscar defended ..

“Ohh…. Oscar save me that fairytale .. God! You are such a good liar!” Amaka exclaimed

“what happened to the Guest room, what happened to the other masters bed room, why will it be on our matrimonial bed” Amaka continued.

“That’s where I was wrong Amaka, trust me I was going to move her to the guest room when I was done bathing, by the way, those rooms have not been in use for a while now, the sheets are dusty and all that, i have to change it before moving her there” Oscar explained.

“I refuse to believe your lies Oscar, I will never forgive you for this” Amaka said with anger in her voice.

“but I am not lying Amaka, it’s the truth.. I …” Oscar replied
“shut up, not a word from you again” Amaka warned ..
Footsteps were heard …

“Amaka, just listen to your husband and stop screaming like a mad dog… haha . ha .. ma..d d..o…..g..” Stacy said as she laughed out loud, she was still under the influence of Alcohol.

“Just Shut Up!” Amaka said as she flung her hand. Immediately, the knife she was holding left her hands and penetrated into Stacy’s right chest”

“Aughh!” Stacy exclaimed as blood flowed from her mouth and chest as she dropped dead instantly.
Oscar was shocked, he looked at Amaka and turned to stacy with his mouth wide open.. he placed his hands on his head in shock ..

“Amaka what have you done?” Oscar lamented.

“stacy.. stacy! . .is she dead? .. please tell me she is not dead … oh my God! .. I just killed somebody. Did I kil her .. no I didn’t . she is not dead.. lets rush her to the hospital Oscar .. she can’t be dead” Amaka cried in shock.

“Amaka she is dead .. like dead dead….” Oscar replied .

“No!!…. Oscar ..what?” Amaka was scared.
Oscar grabbed Amaka. he held her closely and tightly, Amaka was freaking out.

“you have to put yourself together Amaka . she is dead . we need to find a solution ,, and we have to do it now and fast .. else we wil end up in prison for the rest of our lives” Oscar said ..
Just then, a knock was heard on the door. …

#peace can never be an option, but are you ready to face what vawlence brings???

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