It’s a Bloody Marriage (E6)- The knock

It's a Bloody Marriage

It’s a Bloody Marriage (E6)- The knock

Episode 6

The knock

Oscar and Amaka were scared to death when the knock came, if and only if they have the hands of time, they would have changed the entire scenerio, but it is said that what has happened, has happened ….

“Are you expecting anybody Amaka?” Oscar questioned.

“of cos no, who would I be expecting by past 10:00 pm?” Amaka dropped the rhetorical question.


The knock came again but this time, it was more intense.

“Who is it?” Amaka shouted.

“Shuu, help me lets drag this body to the bathroom” Oscar whispered to Amaka.

“Just use the bed sheet to cover it, dragging it would cause blood stains all over the house, and It will waste time too.. the person behind the door might think something is going on in here” Amaka replied.

“Good idea” Oscar complemented.

“I will quickly get the door, you know what to do” Amaka said as she went towards the door, the knock came the third time as Amaka opened the door with a smiling face. It was their third neighbor.

“Good evening Amaka, how are you doing?” The lady said trying to peep inside the house.

Amaka quickly came out of the house and locked the door from behind.

“I am fine Mrs. Nwauba, you haven’t visited us since we parked into this house, to what do I owe this midnight visit” Amaka replied the lady in a rude manner.

“noting, it’s not like I don’t visit, like we see everyday.. we are neighbors .. aren’t we?” the lady tried to defend herself.

“Oh!, neighbors, I see..” Amaka replied.

“I was just coming to check on stacy when I heard some noise from your apartment.. i just said, lemme come and know if everything is ok.” The lady replied.

“Oh, sorry for that, looks like the movie my husband and I were watching was loud, I will quickly go and turn down the volume” Amaka said as she tried to run inside the house.

“Wait . .. Amaka, is that blood in your hands? . The lady asked.

“Blo…od?, hell no” Amaka replied shutting the door behind her..

“Oh, you mean the substance in my hands, it’s the zobo drink I was preparing” Amaka lied to defend herself as she tried to clean her hands with the little handkerchief in her pocket.

“you just told me you were watching TV with your husband, now you are preparing zobo.. ?” The lady asked in confusion.

“of coz .. I was preparing it and also watching tv at the same time” Amaka defended.

“o ohh.. if you say so.. “ the lady said as Amaka Advanced to go back inside.

“but who prepares zobo in their working clothes, like, this was the same clothes you wore to work this morning. is that not?” The lady asked.

“I can wear what ever I want to prepare whatever I like .. have a nice day Mrs. Nwauba” Amaka said in a loud tune as she stormed into the house and slammed the door at Mrs. Nwauba.

“oh my God! That Lady is so annoying!!” Amaka laments to the hearing of her husband.

“You have done well by scaring her away, it’s time to take care of a more bigger problem” Oscar complimented.

“But how do we move her body?” Amaka asked.

“Anyhow we are going to do it, I don’t want the neighbours to notice anything” Oscar reminded.

“Let’s pieces the body, put it in the car then dispose it” Amaka suggested ..

Oscar was left in taughts for a while, he finally reached a conclusion but just as they were about carrying out the small task.. another knock came on the door.

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