It’s a Bloody Marriage (E7)- Body Transplant

It's a Bloody Marriage

It’s a Bloody Marriage (E7)- Body Transplant

Episode 7

Body Transplant

“God! .. who on earth is it this time?” Amaka questioned with anger and frustration written all over her face.

the couples were a bit scared. the fact that neighbours that have never visited them their entire life started visiting this night something bad has happened disturbed Oscar. he was aware his wife would cause a scene outside, so he decided to get the door this time.

“who is it?” he asked the knocker still shaking like pray mantis.

“it’s me, Mrs. Nwauba” the knocker replied as Oscar had a quick relief. he quietly opened the door and greeted his neighbour with a big smile on his face.

“evening, Oscar. . how are you doing?” the lady asked in concern.

“as you can see, I am doing great” Oscar replied

“ok, that’s nice, .. I’ve been here before, like few minutes ago, I met your wife. I was going to see Stacy at her apartment when I heard some noise, so I decided to drop by and say hello.. hope all it’s well” she said in a funny way as they laughed out loud.

“that is so nice of you Mrs. Nwauba, as you can see.. we are fine” Oscar replied.

“Ok, if you say so . ..I went to see Stacy but she is not in the house, since you are the closest neighbour to her, I just want you to help me remind her that I came looking for her when she gets back” Mrs. Nwauba requested.

“ok ma, that won’t be a problem..I will do just that” Oscar replied as he was becoming impatient of having the conversation with the over sensitive woman.

“I will be going now .. have a good night” Mrs. Nwauba said as she turns to leave.

“Goodnight to you too Mrs. Nwauba” Oscar replied as he turns to enter the house.

Mrs. Nwauba noticed something, she quickly turned to ask .. “wait, are these not Stacy’s shoes? like the one she bought last week and made sure everyone in the compound saw her in it. ” Mrs. Nwauba said pointing at the black hills Infront of Oscar’s doorsteps.

“not ….actually… ma, I got the same pair of shoes for my wife after she fantasized over Stacy’s” Oscar replied.

“Awnn .. you are such a romantic man Oscar, Amaka is so lucky” The lady said as they laughed out loud. she then turned to leave. Oscar quickly ran into the house.

“Seriously? .. I fantasized ? .. I never liked those shoes” Amaka blows hot.

“common, I was just looking for an excuse” Oscar replied ..

“please next time, make sure you say things you can do .. ” Amaka slammed ..
“but …” Oscar tried to complain but Amaka cuts in.
“Shu shu shu, .. let’s wrap this body and move it to the boot before someone else comes knocking”

the couples wrapped Stacy’s dead body in two heavy bed sheets, they cleaned all blood stains and wrapped everything together including Stacy’s hand bag, shoes and every other thing belonging to Stacy.

Oscar sneaked outside to make sure nobody was watching them as they moved the body slowly to the boot of the car. but just as they were moving the body to the boot, Mrs. Nwauba’s 10 years old son saw them through the window and took pictures.

Amaka rushed back to the house to lock the door and also grab a shovel from the store as Oscar entered the car to start the engines, in no time, the couples were already in the cold lonely streets of Lagos.

they drove to an abandoned building, it was a bit far from residential homes. Oscar stopped the car, they got down and started digging. they dug the hard soil till it was deep enough to bury a human being. they opened the boot of the car, brought out Stacy’s dead body and buried it.

just after the exercise, the couples made a deep breath of relief as they drove back home.

“Go to sleep Henry!” They heard Mrs. Nwauba shout at her son.

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