It's a Bloody Marriage

It’s a bloody Marriage (E8)- Peace at last

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It’s a bloody Marriage (E8)- Peace at last

Episode 8

Peace at last

Oscar and Amaka came home very weak last night, they were exhausted from the digging. a whole night of trauma, finally some peace of mind.

“phewww!” Amaka made a deep breath of relief as she entered their apartment.

“Dear God, I feel very guilty to talk to you now because I have done what is considered an abomination before you. you know it was never my intention to kill Stacy, it was an accident. yes, I know I also commited another sin by burying the young lady so as to get away with the murder, but God, if I didn’t do it this way, I will end up spending the rest of my life in prison. I am very sorry for what I have done. .I wish and ask for you to find a place in that very big heart of yours and forgive my husband and I” Amaka made a short prayer to herself as she advanced to the bed room for a deep sleep.

Oscar on the other hand was scared, he still can’t believe what has happened.

“how is she even sleeping, what if Stacy appear to her in the dream” Oscar said to himself as he advanced to wake Amaka but the young lady was already in wonderland.

The next morning, the couples promised not to discuss what has happened to anyone. they called it “Our little Secret”

hours turned to days, days turned to weeks, weeks turned to months.. ..

Two months later, news about missing Stacy has spread like wild fire and stopped spreading, rumors has it that she must have been used by ritualists for money rituals or maybe harvested by body harvesters. the fact that Stacy lived a reckless life while on earth was confirmed by her mother who cried heaven and earth during the first month she went missing.

Stacy was indeed a spoilt child. she came from a wealthy home, her mum being a banker hardly had time to spend with her so I guess she lacked proper motherly upbringing but that is not an excuse for her recklessness.
her Dad on the other hand being a very busy lawyer was hardly found at home. Stacy grew up under the care of a nanny who ended up influencing her with her bad character.

Stacy lived with her recklessness till the day of her death.

who gets drunk almost every night walking along the cold dark streets of Lagos alone? Stacy.

Oscar has been an angel to Stacy all these while protecting her from the dangerous eyes of the street by giving her a ride home each and everyday he saw her. well, a little extension of his humanitarian character led to the catastrophe that befall the death of Stacy.

Oscar and his wife has been in peace with each other since the death of Stacy unlike before where they had to portray the traits of cat and dog. the couples do almost everything together. But time fades and everything is getting back to normal.

Amaka was washing her husband’s suit one sunny Tuesday when she saw a dirty pànt in his pocket. she was furious, about to run mad. yes, Amaka knows her husband too well and she also knows that her husband would be the last person to cheat in a relationship but she however allowed the evidence she has seen cloud her judgement.

Oscar will definitely get it hot this evening when he returns from work. .. (peace at last… hum! .. peace ?)

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