It's a Bloody Marriage

It’s a Bloody Marriage (E9)- House on fire

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It’s a Bloody Marriage (E9)- House on fire 

Episode 9

House on Fire

it was quite a stressful tuesday for Oscar, the young man was done for work as he walked to his car. he was about to enter his black state of the arts SUV when one of his good friend Fred stopped him.

“Quite a stressful day, isn’t it?” he asked as he advanced towards the car.

Oscar turned to him, “yea .. Fred, howfar, I didn’t know you were coming” he replied.

“I’m fine bro, I came like 2 minutes ago but your secretary told me you were already rounding up .. so I decided to stay out here and wait for you .. that was a lot of paper works you were doing in there .. I didn’t want to disturb you” Fred explained.

“LoL .. it was quite a lot of paperwork. .I am just going home but since you are here, we can stop at the closest bar to chill out .. you know” Oscar said in a stylish way that signifies enjoyment ..

“No p bro .. Enjoyment overloaded ” Fred replied in a happy tune as he rushed to the car.

“Hop in let’s go” Oscar said as he pressed the button in his car keys, the car made a chirping sound, Fred hopped in as Oscar drove off to the nearest bar.

Oscar and Fred had a good time at the bar, they enjoyed themselves as usual. it was when they were about to part that Fred requested for an urgent loan from Oscar and the kind hearted man didn’t hesitate to give it out. he even told Fred there was no need paying back. Fred appreciated Oscar for being a friend he can always call on and expect immediate response. that was a true meaning of friendship to him and you my brother.. if you have someone like this in your friend list, hold him tight.

Exhausted and tired, Oscar walked home like a blood drained Zombie expecting peace of mind and craving for a thirst of Amaka’s delicacy and body. in his head were different s£x positions he was to explore with his amazing wife only to get Silence substituted for his normal welcome hugs and kisses.

“Is everything all right sweetheart?” he said as he pulls his shirt exposing his smooth ebony skin and well built chest muscles.

Amaka didn’t respond to his questions and it troubled him, he went further to confront his wife.
“what’s the problem this time sunshine?” he said as he advanced to ki$s her.

“KpAAA” The sound of Amaka’s five fingers landing on Oscar’s face was so loud that it could wake a sleeping neighbour.

Oscar was furious .. “what was that for?” he questioned with confusion and anger written all over him.

“What is this?” Amaka asked as she brought out the p@nt she saw in Oscar’s suit, flaunting it around the air so Oscar would get a good view of it.

“it’s a p*nt, probably yours and so?” Oscar replied still curious, angry and confused.

“you are sick Oscar, .. since when did I start using butterfly underwear” She questioned.

Oscar was silent, waiting for her to break the confusion . .

“I found this in your suit when I was washing this morning ..can you explain what it is?” Amaka replied angrily.”

“my suit? .. what would a dirty p@nt be doing in my suit?” Oscar questioned.

” the fact that I still refuse to believe that you will cheat on me despite this evidence is the only reason I am still this calm, so don’t even think about lying to me” Esther fired.

“cal…m?, wow, that is a very nice way of defining calm, first of all I don’t know what you are talking about .. and secondly, I really need some rest’s been quite a stressful day so I would advise you get out of my way this minute before I do something you won’t like” Oscar warned as he advanced to walk into the room. Amaka didn’t block him, she just stood at a corner screeming his name.

“Oscar! .. Oscar !!… you need to tell me where this is coming from .. you can’t fool me by pretending not to know anything about it. . I won’t buy it” Amaka said almost in tears ..

she dragged Oscar by the hand causing him to halt. she went face to face with him, looked him in the eyes and asked in a babyish tune.

“Are you cheating on me?”

“Never for once have I taught of such” Oscar replied looking at her directly in the eyes. there was a little sharp smile on Amaka’s face. .. Oscar noticed the chemistry as he gently locked lips with Amaka.

in no time, the two were already breathing like they’ve just ran a 500m race. deep in ki$$, Amaka’s back was in direct contact with the wall as Oscar placed his rough strong arms around Amaka’s smooth soft face, he kissed her so deep with his tongue deep in Amaka’s mouth searching roughly for hidden treasure.

Oscar raised Amaka’s leg holding her laps firmly as he gently removed the tiny, sèxy wet pànt Amaka was wearing. he quickly unzipped his trousers and lowered his skinny boxers as a yam sized black lovely lolipop jumped out ready to be sucked.

Amaka quickly lowered to give her husband the blow job he deserves.

“Urghh.. ughh .. mmhnm.. keep going sweetheart, mmhh, .. urghhhh .. faster .. urghh. .” Oscar’s deep séxy bass voice made the sucking enjoyable for Amaka.

Oscar finally grabbed her and moved her to the bed, laid her in it and went down to show her while he is called the “Head” – master.

Amaka was deep in maximum pleasure .. Oscar later positioned her in a doggy way and fúçked her so hard ….

To be Continued .

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