Journey to Town

Journey to Town

Adventure Stories

We were on a journey to a foreign land to save the Princess only to be chased by the Bacon. We had no other choice than to jump the window.

(this is a story Challenge- write any story containing Bacon, Journey and window. Bacon in this story, means police)

My name is Christopher Wilds. And I am from a small community called the Giant Gates. The Giant Gates remains the strongest city in the country. We are called the Giant Gates because of the tall boundary and gates separating us from the world within. We have gone into battles and came out victorious. We were still living in the past without knowledge of the future. Yes! We have always heard of town. To us, the town is a reserved area only meant for the rich. I never taught I could be more opportune to visit there till something tremendous happened in our community. The Princess was Poisoned.

Who could have done such? Nobody knows. But we had every reason to believe it was done by our neighboring community. After the poisoning. The herbalist was called to heal the princess and he said that the only thing that could heal the princess is a leave called “herbs xx3” and it could only be found in Town. There is just one man who grows them. The leave is actually very costly, so the king gave us few gift items to which we would present the man, so he would release the leave to us.

The Journey began, we were only 5 warriors. On our way, we discussed on how the town will look like. The stories we have heard for ages. we will see it today.

We crossed Rivers, hills and Valley till finally we got to town. “wow! what a beautiful city” we taught.

We located the Man’s building and we headed straight to it, only to discover that the gift items presented to us by the king to give to the man was nowhere to be found. We searched and searched, yet to no avail.

“where could it be?” I asked. It was a tiny Gold jewelry with diamond stones. Maybe it must have fallen down or something. Stranded with nothing to do. We decided to steal the leave

Just as we grabbed the leave ready to go, a group of boys surrounded us with some cars approaching.

“hey! RUN!! It’s the Bacon” one shouted as we ran. The bacon shot two of us dead and the remaining 3 jumped the window and escaped. We reached and narrated what happened to the king. He was furious and angry with us, but what has happened has happened. The herbalist treated the princess and she was well again.

Moral lesson: Don’t always jump to making negative decisions. If those boys had gone to explain to the man how they lost the gifts, they won’t be dead by now. Also, do not STEAL .




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