"Las Las school nah scam" Am beginning to believe the words of Naira Marley- student complains

“Las Las school nah scam” Am beginning to believe the words of Naira Marley- student complains


Owing to the Education system in Nigeria.. the statement “Las Las school nah scam” has been a true fact in the eyes of most Nigerian youths.

We were interviewing some students this morning trying to find out on how the education standard of Nigeria has affected their lives. The response of one of them got me thinking. I decided to drop it here to share his taught. He said;

I used to be a good fan of education.. I lived my live thinking that there is something out there waiting for me as I finish my university education.. But as time goes on.. I started to understand that there is nothing out there. In fact, people that go to school end up working for those that didn’t go to school. The education system in Nigeria is down.. there is noting more to it.. After all the school fees, school stress, school runs, textbook money, compulsory fees imposed on students by lecturers, etc.. We still come out carrying certificates around like fools.. Its just better we drop out and face business. Or go for one skill or the other. If you are hoping on Nigerian education to lift you. My brother/sister, you are dreaming. . NIGERIA IS NONSENSE.”

I won’t blame the student for thinking this way. Because looking at what is happening in Nigeria today, even a blind man would tell you that this country is really going down..

we made an article that looks like this just few months ago.. check it out Why Non graduates appear to be More successful than graduates- A Must Read.

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