10 Legit ways to make money online in Nigeria

10 Legit ways to make money online in Nigeria


Have you been surfing the web looking for Legit ways to make money online in Nigeria .. But you are yet to get an answer? .. You see many posts on how to make money online, you tried them but they still didn’t work out.

Here on divplanet, we are going to show you legit ways to make money online in Nigeria. the top easiest ways to get extra cash using your phone. If applied well. It works like magic.

This page is updated regularly with the top ways to make money online in Nigeria.

Legit ways to make money online in Nigeria

1. Open a WhatsApp TV

Have you heard of this before? Probably you have seen people sending you messages on WhatsApp asking you to save there contacts to increase WhatsApp views. Those are TVs. The Advertisement industry is too wide to contain a lot of young entrepreneurs. So tapping from it is an advantage.

WhatsApp tvs gives you latest updates, sports, comedy, memes, quotes etc then they use the large number of viewers they have to advertise businesses, services, products, and also draw people to their affiliate network. Most people sell their products on WhatsApp and this works like Magic. People are making their daily income on whatsapp.If you want to open a WhatsApp tv. The steps are simple. The only thing there is to make sure you get a lot of daily status views. To get WhatsApp viewers, go to whatsappstatusviews.com or wassapgains.com.ng for further assistance, you can contact us on WhatsApp

2. Blogging

Blogging is still the number 1 way to generate massive income Online. It made 2nd in my list because it has to do with patience if you are a beginner. I have seen many newbies quite blogging because they didn’t see any possible means of making money from It. Before you start blogging, you should have in mind that its not a “start and make money” quickly kind of thing. It takes steps, time, and a lot of effort. gradually your blog will become a money making Machine!! Even while you sleep. Bloggers monetize their blog using Adsense, propeller Ads, Affiliate marketing and many other means.

Blogging has to do with sharing ideas online. It can be news, sports, events, Stories, guide, hacks, entertainment etc. All you need to do is to get a niche you are good at and start blogging from there.

3. Affiliate Marketing

I know you have been hearing about affiliate marketing .. But what exactly is this affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is nothing else than to sell for someone and get a commission. All you have to do is to recommend a product. If someone buys through you.. You get a commission. There are various online affiliate networks where you can generate your own affiliate link and post it on social media like Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, twitter or Even on your blog if you have one. Percentage commission is determined by the affiliate network. Some affiliate networks include Jumia Affiliate, Konga Affiliate, Commission Junction etc.

4. YouTube

While many give up on YouTube, others are becoming Multimillionaires on YouTube. If you are a video lover or comedian. You can upload your videos and comedy skits on YouTube. You need to have 1000 subscribers and above on YouTube to start making money from your videos. You can monetise your YouTube account using Adsense here are 6 proven possible ways to make money on YouTube

5. Social Media Influencer

You don’t need to have a blog, YouTube account or WhatsApp TV to make money from advertisement. You can grow your social media networks like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc get more followers and advertise for businesses. You can also add affiliate marketing to your monetization list.

The key to being a successful social media influencer is trust. Your fans or followers needs to trust you. And this can be done if you don’t intend to scam them rather provide them with useful informations and tips.

6. Podcast

While this is a less popular niche in Nigeria. You can start a podcast website and make money from it. Podcast is just like a radio station. Just that your listeners will have to visit your website to listen to your podcasts anytime any day. You can monetise your podcast by posting audio advertisements on them either in the beginning of the podcast, middle or at the end. That is if you have enough listeners. If you can’t get a podcast website. You can start it on soundcloud, Spotify etc

7. Create an Online Course

There will always be people who wants to learn how to do this or the other. You can create an online course on what you know well and make money from it. Popular websites to do this are Udemy, Teachable etc

8. E-commerce

You can sell your products online either on jumia, Konga or create your own E-commerce website.

9. Go crypto

Legit ways to make money online in Nigeria

Cryptocurrency is still rising fast. After Bitcoin came into the scene, a lot of other Cryptocurrencies have emerged. A large number of businesses are accepting  Cryptocurrency as a form of payment. There are opinions that it will someday replace the money we have now which has not been clarified. Whether that is true or not, you should also consider investing and making money from Cryptocurrency.

10. Freelancing

If you have a skill like Graphics design, web development, script writing, copy writing, etc you can do this for people and get paid for your services. You can advertise your services on social media to get jobs. As funny as it sounds. You can be a millionaire through freelancing. Popular freelancing websites are upwork, fiverr, Freelancer, Guru

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